The Beginning of the End?

  morddwyd 09:06 13 Sep 2010

Three times in the last month or so I have found, during the day, that I have forgotten to shave during my morning ablutions.

No big deal to some, but up until now, through depression, debility, deprivation and depravity, I have always managed to face the day clean shaven.

Is this the start of my final slide into into slobbish senility?

  Chris the Ancient 09:20 13 Sep 2010

Do the same as me.

Let it grow into a beard.

  Quickbeam 09:25 13 Sep 2010

"you are little bit greener than you were, yesterday."
I thought it was the copper bracelets wot dun that...?

  birdface 10:14 13 Sep 2010

Look on the bright side.
At least you remembered that you did not shave.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:22 13 Sep 2010

I forget sometimes, but as you say, the itching reminds you later in the day.

There are far more things to worry about than shaving- things like, "where did I put my glasses"


  Mr Mistoffelees 10:22 13 Sep 2010

"At least you remembered that you did not shave."

I'd like to be able to remember....err......something.....

  lotvic 10:54 13 Sep 2010

Thank you for this thread, Twice last week I forgot to wash my face and only realised several hours afterwards.

Pass the vitamins.

  jakimo 11:37 13 Sep 2010

When you visit the loo,and dont know why your there,thats the time to worry

  Marko797 12:07 13 Sep 2010

called 'Old Scrotes Corner', where the likes of these meaningless, and mind-numbing threads could be posted? People with far too much time on their hands...

  lotvic 12:11 13 Sep 2010

"People with far too much time on their hands..."

Only because we have forgotten what we are supposed to be doing.

Marko797, be patient, you'll grow into it in time ;-)

  spuds 13:14 13 Sep 2010

Wait till you use gravy granules for your early morning coffee, then forgetting to shave will seem to be a minor item or memory loss ;o))

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