Bees in a bird box - unusual?

  johndrew 20:39 01 Jun 2015

One of the very small bird boxes in our garden was used by a Wren last year but we failed to remove the nesting material. This year it has been taken over by bees who appear quite happy to use it with the nesting material in place.

Has anyone come across such a similar situation? If so can they offer any suggestion as to the type of bee (a small dark animal, of 'bumble' bee shape but half the size) or provide any information, similar examples or details?

I have never seen this type of box usage before or even heard of it.

Many thanks in anticipation.

  ton 22:17 01 Jun 2015

click here common. we've had them in one of our boxes.

They are no problem if you don't disturb them.


  The Old Mod 06:10 02 Jun 2015

Our next door neighbour has a bird table with a bird box on top standing on their lawn it has always had Blue Tits nests but this year Bees are using it, bit of a problem when they mow the lawn but otherwise the bees seem to be quite happy.

  Forum Editor 06:27 02 Jun 2015

Bumble bees will nest in all kinds of places - I have had them in the gaps between stones in a rockery, and in an old Robins nest in an abandoned lawn mower engine.

Yours will be a variety of bumble bee - there are many different kinds. Encourage them by leaving them in peace - many species are under threat.

  Ex plorer 07:10 02 Jun 2015

Yes I have seen bees take over an old wrens nest in a bank side but I am unsure of the bee type.

  johndrew 10:12 02 Jun 2015

Many thanks for all your replies.

I was curious about them having never seen the situation before. We like bees and have 'conventional' nests accessed by holes in both the garden borders and lawn; these cause no problem either and go about their business in peace. Those in the box will, no doubt, keep residence until they decide on another venue and until then are more than welcome to pollinate and live a quiet life.

  morddwyd 10:34 02 Jun 2015

Apropos nothing at all, I like bumblebees. I always take the trouble to find a tumbler and a bit of card to pop them outside again.

  ton 00:08 03 Jun 2015

Johndrewstrong text Glad to hear you will be leaving them in peace.

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