A beer for the experts

  jimforrest 23:21 28 Sep 2013

I have used the experts on this site so many times to get me out of the crap to the point where it's almost embarrassing! We should be able to buy them a beer at least. Can you introduce a Paypal link so satisfied customers can donate a couple of quid for sharing out amongst the experts? Nothing compulsory - just a discrete link for the beer fund. I'd feel a lot better as these chaps have saved my skin (and money) on many occasions.

  rdave13 00:47 29 Sep 2013

What a good idea but not what this site is about I think. Having a discreet 'donate' link is a no no. I'm certainly no 'expert' and it seems I have helped others in the past.

Do what I do and offer advice to a particular problem that you've overcome and if someone here asks for help then put in your suggestions. That's the best 'payback' you can give in my humble opinion.

Mine's a quadroople Jack Daniels...

  BT 08:16 29 Sep 2013

Large Scotch for me !

But as rdave13 says we do it for for the satisfaction of helping people out. We've all been there at some point and needed some advice, and in common with others all we ask is that if we do help to solve a problem the OP would acknowledge it. There's nothing more frustrating than going the extra mile to find a solution and then not knowing the outcome.

  spuds 10:59 29 Sep 2013

As a non-drinker, then I would most likely be out of the 'beer' club, and end up sulking or head-butting the wall :O)

But as already been stated, the best reward is to offer your own contributions, no matter how small. Even giving a response to questions asked, is self rewarding, but unfortunately, some asker's cannot be bothered to be that polite, leaving others to wonder if or what the solution might have been, and whether the issues were solved, and that's when things become very dissapointing?.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:03 29 Sep 2013

The fun is in solving the problem the trickier the betterall thats needed is a tick in the appropriate answer. a nd a post of thanks is appreciated.

Scotch for me too please.

  wes.t.clox 11:15 29 Sep 2013


Start a virtual pub thread where people can pop in for a pint and have a virtual smoking designated area. You could buy those who have helped a pint or stronger then nip off to the smoking section to have a moan.

As a teetotal non smoker I shall have to look through here for inspiration.

click here

  Forum Editor 11:18 29 Sep 2013

Our forum has always operated on the basis that people provide advice for nothing more than the satisfaction of knowing that they've helped another computer user.

As the others have said, it's enough that those who have had a problem resolved post a thank you message, although that often doesn't happen.

  spuds 11:19 29 Sep 2013


Be careful now with your 'virtual pub' idea, we use to have one here on this website, when we had the Lounge.

The Forum Editor revoked the licence @O)

  bumpkin 13:09 29 Sep 2013

If it's for the experts I shall be having a dry old time:-))

  woodchip 15:18 29 Sep 2013

As FE says above, Just helping out as been enough for me over many years on this forum. A thank you is all that's needed plus the green tick. But thanks for the thought

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