Been caught in any scams lately?.

  spuds 16:59 13 Feb 2011

Over the past 6 months I have been involved in a scam that seems to occur near motorway junctions or within 3 miles of said points.

It usually starts with a person of apparent Italian parentage, stopping you for directions to the motorway. This can take place in a supermarket car-park or on the highway. The scam 1 conversation starts with the person telling you that they had attended an exhibition the previous day or evening, and that they had lost their wallet containing money and credit cards.

Fortunately they had a few leather jackets left over from the exhibition, and would you like to buy one, so they can purchase petrol for their journey home.

Another scam is to ask directions, state basically the above, except to change the leather jackets to watches or other similar items. In the case of the watches, the person will give you a watch for free, because you have been very helpful. They then point out that they have just noticed their fuel gauge is showing nearly empty and that they have no money for the motorway journey to get home. Can you help?.

The persons tries to convince you that his Italian is far better than his English, don't believe him, throw a trick question into the conversation, you might catch the person out, I did.

I wonder how many good Samaritans there are about?.

  dagbladet 17:09 13 Feb 2011

How much were the jackets?

  onthelimit 17:18 13 Feb 2011

I love it!

  spuds 17:30 13 Feb 2011

I didn't ask, I most likely had better at home ;o)

The watches didn't look to bad. To a jeweler about a fiver each trade price. To Joe Public about twenty?.

  peter99co 17:30 13 Feb 2011

We used to have a guy come into our local pub trying to sell small carpets. I never found out how he managed to carry enough to sell because the landlord used to chuck him out.

One of the locals also chose to tell him to go away in his own language.

  IClaudio 17:53 13 Feb 2011

I bought a leather jacket from the father of this guy... about 25 years ago :)

The jacket was actually very nice, and has lasted a quarter of a century (a bit retro now, however...)

  Pine Man 10:56 14 Feb 2011 was happening frequently in Rome when we were there last year with designer clothes.

  gardener 11:07 14 Feb 2011

They 'tried on' the jacket scam with me about 10 years ago. Needless to say I didn't 'try it on' and walked away.

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