Beckham, the talisman

  Quickbeam 16:27 15 Mar 2010

click here Will England fall to pieces without him like rugby does without Wilko, or cricket without Freddie?

Or will the current scintillating form of Rooney carry them through OK?

  Bapou 16:58 15 Mar 2010

Seeing this news early today I could not help felling so very sorry for David Beckham.

Irrespective of the criticism he has received over the years, many believed he only cared about the fortune he was making, he deserved the opportunity for a World Cup appearance.

Not only for further personal gain, he was capable of being a major influence even as a late substitute.

Mr Capello is not having a very happy time lately and now this to contend with.

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:09 15 Mar 2010

Nothing to get upset about.

  Forum Editor 17:17 15 Mar 2010

that for David Beckham the football was more important than all the peripheral glitz and glamour. His wife seems to be the one that masterminded the development of the Beckham brand, and I've seen David looking a tad uncomfortable with it at times.

I'm sure that the money will see him comfortably through the rest of his life however, and although we'll see him play again I can't help feeling that his international career is effectively over. I feel a degree of sympathy for him because he won't play in the world cup, but he'll be fine.

Wayne Rooney? One of the world's best footballers - we're lucky to have him. If Wayne is fit to play in South Africa we stand a good chance, if he's not we don't - it's as simple as that.

Of course it's only a game, but it's the most popular game in the world, and draws the biggest audiences of all sport.

  Kevscar1 18:17 15 Mar 2010

I am still waiting for the.
This is the best team we,ve had for a long time. We really have a good chance of winning this time.

It,s been said every 4 years for the last 40.

  morddwyd 21:23 15 Mar 2010

Not into football, or the Beckham image, but I do feel for him.

Absolutely devastating injury for someone who makes his living with his feet.

Yes, I know how much he earns, and about the best of treatment he'll be getting, but at this stage of his career he'll be lucky if he ever gets back to his present level of skill.

  mr simon 22:21 15 Mar 2010

Lets not talk about it in terms of a loss for income for the man; he must have a huge personal fortune and even without being on the pitch could make more money than anyone reading this.

I feel sympathetic for Beckhams injury, but if truth be told, he is a fringe player and likely would not have started any games in the World Cup. Still, he was always good back up when Crouch was on the pitch.

  Forum Editor 23:26 15 Mar 2010

He is beyond doubt a master of the curved cross ball - some say the best crossed ball kicker in football. It's worth having him on the pitch just for that.

I agree that he probably wouldn't have started any World Cup Games, but it's worth having him on the bench as a specialist kicker, if for no other reason.

  Joseph Kerr 23:50 15 Mar 2010

i feel so terribly sorry for a multi millionaire taking early retirement from a job he wouldnt be doing for much longer anyway.

  mr simon 00:38 16 Mar 2010

"I agree that he probably wouldn't have started any World Cup Games, but it's worth having him on the bench as a specialist kicker, if for no other reason."

His skill as a kicker isn't being debated, but surely when the opposition is starting to wear, the right sort of player to sub on is a pacey winger, which we currently have an abundance off on that right wing in the form of Lennon, SWP and Walcott. You can't have a player on the pitch if he only brings one type of skill to it (not including Rory Delap!)

  birdface 11:05 16 Mar 2010

I must admit I think he has been credit to the game of football and deserves his place in the England squad.

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