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Beautiful but cold......

  Macscouse 21:29 23 Oct 2010

View over Nairn to Ben Wyvis today. Time to hibernate?

click here

  Macscouse 21:32 23 Oct 2010

That didn't work properly, click on 1010839q.jpg link to open. Time for a touch of the amber nectar, methinks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:56 23 Oct 2010

Worked Ok for me

There's a "little snow on them thar hils"

  Brumas 23:52 23 Oct 2010

click here

Something I just made up from the ice cubes in the freezer, also beautiful and cold ;o}}

  morddwyd 08:57 24 Oct 2010

'Beautiful but cold......'

I was only 17.

I seem to remember her name was Margaret!

(Topically enough, she came from Stranraer!)

  Quickbeam 09:00 24 Oct 2010

My kind of day that, will we get an Autumn photo competition from PCA? We haven't had the two best months yet.

  Quickbeam 09:02 24 Oct 2010

She looks a tad fridged to me...

I daren't spell it the other way:)

  Brumas 09:13 24 Oct 2010


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