Beating the bookies

  techie4me 18:23 05 Apr 2008

Seems i've beaten the bookies at their own game on The National.
Picked the horse Comply or Die in the bookies yesterday as i liked the name!
Just won ££££££

Sadly Mcelvey thet horse featured on the BBC ONE show was destroyed after the race,

  bremner 18:26 05 Apr 2008

The National is an outdated event that results in the death of horses every year.

I think there should be a new rule that states the rider of any horse that is killed or destroyed should in turn be put down.

Only seems fair to me ;o)

  Forum Editor 18:27 05 Apr 2008

the bookies took a caning, and nobody (but them) will shed a tear.

  Forum Editor 18:31 05 Apr 2008

"the rider of any horse that is killed or destroyed should in turn be put down."

A tad excessive, perhaps. In fact, injuries and fatalities to and of horses has drastically reduced, compared to what used to happen. I believe the RSPCA and the racing industry have worked hard together over the past few years, and the result is a far safer race.

McKelvey, the horse that died, ran headlong into a barrier, and there's not much anyone could have done to prevent that happening.

  lisa02 18:32 05 Apr 2008

I had a massive return of £23.45 on National, profit of £13.45. It's online and I can't figure out how to collect! D'oh!

I picked 5 horses at £1 EW and three of them came in. :D if only I'd bet more lol.

  Forum Editor 19:00 05 Apr 2008

Your winnings can be paid directly to your card account, but you must ask for that to happen - otherwise your winnings will just sit there in your online betting account.

  Bingalau 19:25 05 Apr 2008

I drew two horses for the national in the sweep-stake at our local post office this morning. One was apparently the favourite "Cloudy Lane" and the other was a Frog horse by the name of L'ami. I think the favourite should be put down for only coming sixth. I think the other thing opted out at the second fence, Typically French to opt out these days. So I was half expecting that.

  interzone55 20:08 05 Apr 2008

If the Grand National is so cruel you'd expect any horses who unseat their riders to leave the track at the first opportunity, but no, they carry on. One riderless horse nearly won today...

  laurie53 20:43 05 Apr 2008

"the rider of any horse that is killed or destroyed should in turn be put down."

I was going to suggest that this should be the owner and trainer, but of course this would leave us with no-one living at the far end of The Mall!

  Al94 20:48 05 Apr 2008

I haven't met a poor bookie yet!

  lisa02 20:53 05 Apr 2008

FE I see Withdraw button and I see my open bet. I don't know how to claim it as there's nothing to select and everytime I click 'help' it either crashes IE7 or doesn't provide an answer.

PS. it's William Hill Online.

Anyone else bet online? I'll be closing my account after I've made use of the free £10 bet tomorrow on the football. Should be fun :) even if I win I won't know how to collect. rofl.

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