The Beast stranded

  Strawballs 22:30 23 May 2011

One reason not to make your car too long Oops

  SimpleSimon1 09:07 24 May 2011

I bet the secret service people were panicking

  johndrew 09:42 24 May 2011

Another little bit that proves bigger isn't always better!!

I bet the embassy have some 'roadworks' carried out in short order as well.

  Strawballs 09:42 24 May 2011

I bet they were red faced because the car in front scraped and the beast is a lot bigger.

  Armchair 10:19 24 May 2011

Should have used a Hillman Imp instead.

  SparkyJack 10:28 24 May 2011

As a side issue- but I was led to wonder- This 'Beast' was in Ireland

Is there more than one- or does it go into the hold of 'Airforce 1' ? Likewise the helicopters also used.

The logistics of shifting this stuff around the globe on the presidential journeys in interesting to say the least -

Or perhaps each embassy has its own 'Beast'?

  interzone55 10:29 24 May 2011

Luckily for the Secret Service that was the decoy car, but apparently they've rerouted some of the journeys through London.

I would have thought that among the many inspector gadget options fitted to this car would have been hydraulic rams to lift the car up a bit to avoid any obstacles in the road, because it seems that you can easily defeat this car by placing a 2 inch block in the road. A bit like daleks and stairs...

  Strawballs 10:31 24 May 2011

Air Force 1 I expect but have they repaired it for London.

  interzone55 10:47 24 May 2011


There's at least two Beasts, and there's two Airforce One planes. The Beasts arrive by US Navy C-5 or C-17 transport aircraft.

The helicopters are standard US Navy issue, so would be taken from the closest aircraft carrier. When used for Presidential duties the Helicopter is known as Marine One.

As an aside, my employer's parent company recently signed a contract worth $1.5bn a year to provice US military logistics, part of that contract involves ensuring bits of the presidential retinue are in the right place at the right time.

There was a very interesting piece in the Times this weekend. There's 1,500 staff that travel with Mr President on foreign trips, and at least 24 vehicles in the convoys. Before he goes anywhere there are two teams that carry out advance checks. The Pre-Advance team visit all stops on the journey and check for possible vulnerabilities. The Advance team then follow and install bullet proof glass, and gas & bomb detectors etc

Times Link (requires registration)

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