Be Careful How Loudly You Type

  powerless 16:01 18 Sep 2005

click here


  wiz-king 17:01 18 Sep 2005

With the combination of my sticky keyboard and lousy typing I think I could give them a problem or two!

  GaT7 18:42 18 Sep 2005

Someone here recently asked, when entering credit card info on a website, if they can be 'watched'. Will have to break the dreadful news to them that they can now also be 'heard' ; ) G

  Forum Editor 22:57 18 Sep 2005

precisely no sleep.

yet another example of the paranoia that surrounds computing. If some people didn't have anything to worry about they would worry that they didn't have anything to worry about.

  wolfie3000 04:35 19 Sep 2005

stupid as all keyboards sound different how can you tell what keys are being hit by the sound must be a joke some people havce too much time on there hands

  Simsy 18:37 19 Sep 2005

most people know that there are two recorders inside aircraft, the data recorder, and the "voice" recorder.

The "voice" recorder is actually a microphone in the cockpit that records all sound in there.

During pre-takeoff tests pilots test all switches, operating them and saying what they are doing. Each switch has a distinctive sound that is thus identified.

In the event that the voice recorder is recovered it is possible, (sometimes), to identify which switches have been operated by their sound.

I don't know if this is/was true of commercial aircraft, but it used to be true, and still may be, of some milatary craft.

Certainly the analysing sound like this is possible, but as others have indicated it is nothing to worry about! I don't!



  jack 19:37 19 Sep 2005

This past week by way of a diversion you understand one of my E-friends and i have been sending each other voice recording and then messing about with MP3 and ogg compression to get the size down.
In one of my message I was typing and speaking at the same time.
As I spoke, so the key strokes were recorded.
Said he- on receipt ' How come you speak one thing whilst typing something else?
I hadn't given it a thought- but true enugh I had!

  polymath 20:49 19 Sep 2005

It's not true that men can't multi-task then?

  DANZIG 10:29 21 Sep 2005

Maybe we should all go back to the squidgy keyboards of the good old Spectrum..or even the touch (in)sensitive ZX81? Virtually silent if I remember correctly.

That is if it is anything to worry about...which of course it isn't.

  dukeboxhero 21:21 21 Sep 2005

does this mean ill have to start using two fingers, for typing that is

  pj123 14:13 24 Sep 2005

I don't know about loud. But when I worked for the GPO (a long time ago now) in the telex exchange we often used to ask our customers to:

"can you please press your keys a bit harder as it is coming out faint this end".

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