Be afraid! Your fridge might be hacked in future

  Forum Editor 11:15 21 Dec 2016

and your guilty eating pleasures published on Social media, for all to see.

The Internet Of Things, which is rapidly becoming a part of our home lives could turn out to be a way in for hackers.

Imagine coming down on Christmas morning to discover that your fridge has been off all night, your TV won't turn on, and your central heating programmer has been locked.

  LastChip 20:33 30 Dec 2016

I think FE, oresome has explained it rather well.

It is not that you will be monitored (by a human), rather that you can be monitored without any court order. You don't have any choice about being automatically monitored - you are! This flies against all previous convention. Furthermore, those conversations are stored for access into the future.

Privacy is a fundamental human right (and freedom) and it is now seriously eroded.

  bumpkin 22:37 30 Dec 2016

I take your point Lastchip but if it is a necessary evil to fight crime especially terrorism I fail to see your reasoning.

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