Be afraid, be very afraid.....

  Forum Editor 18:24 21 Dec 2015

or not. Who thinks this is much ado about nothing - science will come up with an answer -and who thinks we're all doomed?

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  kad292 18:41 21 Dec 2015

The ingenuity of science versus natural evolution,only one winner eventually.

  Forum Editor 18:55 21 Dec 2015


That would be science, then. It enables us to adapt to changes. Bacteria can do the same, but they can't modify their environment - we can. If we can't kill harmful bacteria we can perhaps devise ways to prevent them from harming us if they enter our bodies - perhaps by creating other bacteria which will fight for us.

I hope we can, anyway.

  VCR97 19:01 21 Dec 2015

The over-use of antibiotics in medicine and agriculture has been permitted for too long despite repeated warnings.

  kad292 19:28 21 Dec 2015


Do not get me wrong,medical science is in a new dimension today,stem cell research is the future in my opinion but the incidences of newly emerging diseases as well as re-emerging ones previously thought eradicated are a stark reminder of a precipe we stand upon and the resistance to antibiotics reiterates that thought,to me at least.

A bacteria or virus that mutates and assimilates other bacteriological or viral compounds and then replicates at an exponential rate would leave us floundering.

The Influenza Epidemic after the Great War was made worse i suspect by five years of battle and immune systems compromised so a great loss of life ensued, SARS was a frightening reminder of that possibility repeating itself ,not defeated but dormant like so many others.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:57 21 Dec 2015

The human race is in need of a cull, nature usualy finds away to redress the balance.

this has been coming for awhile, the last two generations can count themselves lucky to have had antibiotics.

  bumpkin 20:25 21 Dec 2015

The human race is in need of a cull

A sweeping statement but you may be right. Nature seems to work that way. Sleep easy though as we unlikely to be culled in the foreseeable future

  bumpkin 20:33 21 Dec 2015

I was prescribed some antibiotics this morning, should I bin them or take the chance that they may work as they have done in the past.

  RV510 21:12 21 Dec 2015

Paranorma is a word that springs to mind here.

Cad292 antibiotics are NOT over used in agriculture, far from it, where you got that information I don't know but if you have been involved with livestock farming as long as I have you would be better educated.

The reason that there are more instances of SARS and other bugs in hospitals is due to the heating, it's too hot, same for ordinary households, central heating breeds the bugs, you need a colder environment to kill them off.

All this rubbish processed and supermarket food that people eat, there are more artificial things in that and it's so sterile that it's dead, eat fresh food, that's what keeps you healthier, it takes natural bugs to kill of the nasty ones, eating this sterile food diminishes your immunity. We are getting more reliant on chemical medicines now and not as it should be, natural ones. Consider also how much sewage is pumped into the sea and what amount of dirty water is treated and re-used, they say that what London passes one day Birmingham drinks five days later.

Keep taking the tablets!

  RV510 21:16 21 Dec 2015

First word should read paranoia. No post editing facility and this site is soooooooo slooooowwwwwww.

  kad292 21:21 21 Dec 2015

Did not claim overuse that was VCR but the medical profession have concerns of using antibiotics for every ailment and i do not take tablets even for the heavy head cold i have had this week.If i was paranoid i would live in a bubble which i do not.

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