BBQ on neighbours flat roof, and what I did

  lotvic 15:51 30 May 2009

I called the fire brigade out, after checking with fire safety officer on ordinary tele number.
Nextdoors' lads were having a BBQ on their flat roof - BBQ was one of those disposable ones in foil tray and perched on top of two bricks.

They said their dad said it was okay. The Fire Safety officer disagreed.

All I got was a load of lip from one of the 'friends' on the roof when I asked them to put it out because it wasn't safe.

I didn't know, but turns out their dad was in, he didn't know they were on the flat roof with it. He thought they were in back garden.
Haven't seen or spoken to him (yet) The fire officer told me he was in. Ordinarily we are on good terms so hope this doesn't spoil things.

It was the flat roof that joins on to my flat roof - semi detached houses and they had it about a foot (30cms) away from my part.
Do you think I did the right thing?

  donki 16:06 30 May 2009

Well its hard to tell because you were their and we weren't, why exactly did u feel it was unsafe? Is the roof not safe to walk on?

  donki 16:07 30 May 2009

Sorry typo, their = there. I know how it annoys people.

  lotvic 16:12 30 May 2009

I didn't think it was safe to have BBQ fire pit only 4 inches above a tarred flat roof surface with no protection for if it tipped over.

and that's apart from my bedroom filling up with the smoke and fumes and setting my fire alarm off.

  rickf 16:19 30 May 2009

Don't worry about it. You are absolutely right as there was a risk of fire on a tar roof which could easily spread to yours and put your property and family at risk. If his father does not speak to you from here on then he has a problem not you.

  donki 16:24 30 May 2009

Well if the roof was a tarred one I to wouldnt have wanted some kid having a BBQ on it, especially if all the smoke was waffting in your window. I have a friend with a flat roof and he often BBQs on it its not tarred thou I dont think. Maybe you should have checked if the father was home, however I agree with RICKF I woudlnt worry about it.

  lotvic 16:43 30 May 2009

rickf, thanks, I'm calming down now :)

donki just because your friend does it, it doesn't mean that it is safe to do so.
The fire safety officer I checked with said "a lot of idiots think it is okay - until the roof catches fire"
his words, not mine.

  Starfox 16:44 30 May 2009

Apart from the safety aspect I would have thought common sense would have prevailed here!

You did the right thing imo.

  lotvic 16:44 30 May 2009

donki, sorry, I meant to include you in thanks as well.

  donki 16:45 30 May 2009

You are being very defensive, my friend's roof isnt tar and i see nothing wrong with him doing it, I was agreeing with you in my last post :S. I am pretty sure myself or my friend arent "idiots".

  donki 16:46 30 May 2009

No problem :).

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