BBC's iPlayer

  Tinker Bell 05:46 17 Mar 2008

Can someone explain in simple terms what this is all about please?


  Stuartli 08:53 17 Mar 2008
  Bingalau 13:50 17 Mar 2008

I'm already getting BBC iPlayer on the BBC Beta page and I am on cable... It's very handy if you miss a program. You can go back seven days and just watch the program there and then or you can download it and keep it for thirty days. Than I assume it vanishes in to thin air. I am pretty sure you can't copy it to DVD.

  Pine Man 19:13 17 Mar 2008

'I am pretty sure you can't copy it to DVD.'

Definitely not.

  Tinker Bell 19:25 17 Mar 2008

OK thanks, I'm also on cable, so iplayer is basically the same as catch up tv on cable?

  Quickbeam 19:32 17 Mar 2008

I'd not heard of 'catch Up TV' click here now I can catch the good ITV programs that are on when I'm working :)

  rossgolf 19:35 17 Mar 2008

catch up tv is on virgin (maybe sky also, im not sure)
i use it abit.,

  peg 19:39 17 Mar 2008

BBC's iPlayer is very handy so is 4od although iplayer seems to take an age to download a program found it much better to just stream it.

  eoinrua 23:24 17 Mar 2008

I' not sure there are any programmes on ITV worth catching up on!

  Stuartli 23:36 17 Mar 2008

Have you actually read the link which I posted?

  Acx 23:52 17 Mar 2008

You probably could copy it to DVD (its only a WMP file), but I doubt you could get it to play. iPlayer looks for the licence to play the program from the BBC's web site (so unless you can burn that to the said DVD as well, it wont work).

When downloaded it doesn't vanish into thin air, after a set period (the licence to play it from The BBC's web site does).

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