The BBC's Great War...

  Quickbeam 08:51 08 Jul 2013

documentary of 26 parts made in 1964 to commemorate the 50th anniversary is now available on You Tube in it's entirety.

I discovered this last night as there was nothing else on, and ended up watching upto episode 6.

The documentary now coming up for it's own 50th anniversary, still cuts the mustard with it's deathly un-nerving footage from the front. The BBC film makers put realistic sound effects onto what is obviously silent cinema and that's why it's still worth watching again with the narration by Michael Redgrave. A trick used in it's making was to have the Allies always advancing across the screen from left to right, and the Germans from right to left, even if it meant reversing the film, showing most of the troops as being left handed!

I remember watching this at the time as a young 'un and as such got an idea of the length of the war as it took 6 months to screen the documentary, no iPlayers of the like then.

It'll probably be re-shown on BBC 4 next year.

  BT 11:24 08 Jul 2013

A trick used in it's making was to have the Allies always advancing across the screen from left to right, and the Germans from right to left,

...a trick from Hollywood where the 'Goody' cowboy and 'Baddy' cowboy did just the same thing.

  Quickbeam 11:53 08 Jul 2013

I never knew that, but with Hollywood, they would have the scene filmed the right way around... I presume.

  onthelimit1 14:27 08 Jul 2013

Thanks for the link - I've watched The World at War several times, but not seen the WW1 one before.

  spuds 15:21 08 Jul 2013

I wonder why we seem to have quite a number of references to the two 'Great Wars' on television or other media channels of late. Is this a reminder of things in the past, that will happen in the future, when nation's continue to clash?.

The only difference in WW1 and WW2 was the amount of deaths, due mainly to hand to hand fighting with the enemy. Now warfare as become more sophisticated?.

Personally I am a supporter of these type of programmes, but no doubt someone will tell me once again, that I must forget and "move on"?.

But coming back to the original documentary, I seem to recall that our local 'The Works' bookstore was selling some dvd's covering this subject in box sets, whether this was part of this series, I wasn't to sure?.

  Quickbeam 18:06 08 Jul 2013

"I wonder why... etc"

There's a massive centenary coming up next year. Can we really leave that in the past.

Look around, not much has changed.

  spuds 18:22 08 Jul 2013

I seem to recall when there were debates not all that long ago, about demolition of the remaining concentration camps, the Cenotaph and Remembrance Sunday, and what some forum member's views on those subjects were?.

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