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  babybell 11:40 13 Sep 2010

I use the BBC Weather website to see how the day is going to progress, but recently it has been very contradicting, and today is by far the most bizarre.

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To see what I mean, type 'Bristol' into the find a forecast box and click search. The 5 day forecast will appear and it will show Monday as being 'Heavy Rain'

Click on Monday and it will give you a more detailed breakdown. Note that it says 13.00 will be heavy rain.

Now scroll down the page until you get to the satellite image at the bottom and move the time arrow to 13.00. Not only is there no heavy rain, but the image appears to show clear skies!

How am I meant to tell the other half what to do with the washing now!

  Uboat 12:04 13 Sep 2010


That's a REALLY intresting point! i too have noticed this, like today its supposed to be raining and clear sky's later where i am, well its not its slightly overcast BUT not a sign of rain at all.? this isnt the first time too, the other day they said it was going to be sunny and it was the total opposite? i'm not the only person here that noticed this a few people i know was commenting about it?

  sunnystaines 12:05 13 Sep 2010

bbc weather over the last few months has gone to pot. the forecasts which used to be good are now very unreliable.

i now use the weather gadget on my desktop its is very good and reliable.

  anchor 12:12 13 Sep 2010

Check the Met office site just updated; I would leave the washing.

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  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:15 13 Sep 2010

What do you mean BBC weather forecast unreliable???

Its always been relaible for years.

There is definitely NOT going to be a hurricane says Michael Fish.


  babybell 12:16 13 Sep 2010

Interesting to see it agress with the 13.00 rain forecast. Just strange that the BBC satellite image seems to be wrong.

  Uboat 12:21 13 Sep 2010

Fruit Bat

I remember all too very well :-)

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  babybell 12:22 13 Sep 2010

I've always felt sorry for Micheal Fish on that matter, he became a villan over night but in the forecast he was actually directing the message to a woman who was going on holiday and was worried that there was going to be a hurricane in Florida, to which he replied "don't worry, there isn't" which was actually correct.

In the report he does also say that in the UK it was going to get "rather windy" which by their standards today is actually pretty accurate!

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  peter99co 17:55 13 Sep 2010

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So much more information.

  morddwyd 19:55 13 Sep 2010

I think they're still traumatised by the Michael Fish incident, as they really try not to mention the wind very much!

On the interactive area forecast it is not mentioned at all, and on the forecast at news times you get a few arrows (one for the whole of Scotland) at the beginning and the end and not a lot else.

I now tend to go on line and use the Met Office forecast (which the BBC forecast is based on anyway) which normally gives a pretty detailed local forecast.

  Paddylad 20:07 13 Sep 2010

Would that 13.00 hours be GMT or BST? Organisations like the Met office use GMT

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