BBC strictly come prancing maths question

  Belatucadrus 20:11 22 Nov 2015

Not a huge strictly fan but have been dragooned into watching the results a couple of times. One thing strikes me, each week Tess says

In the event of a tie head judge Len has the casting vote

How ? without Len there are three judges, how do you get a tie with an odd number of judges. Unless one of them abstains which would begs the question why they turned up in the first place, three judges mandates a majority decision one way or another.

  Teabag. 20:33 22 Nov 2015

If 2 judges pick a and one judge picks b then if head judge picks b it is 2 each. As the head judge has the casting vote then b goes through.

  Belatucadrus 20:43 22 Nov 2015

But the head judge only votes if there's a tie, 2 to 1 is an outright win, you can only have a tie if the head judges vote balances things. So his vote can't break a tie but it could create one.

  wee eddie 20:49 22 Nov 2015

Because she's a Talking Head with a script and her scriptwriters have little respect for their audience.

  Teabag. 20:55 22 Nov 2015

Each judge has a vote, 4 judges, so 4 votes. If it is a tie, eg 2-2, then Lens choice goes through

He is only asked for his vote if there is not a unanimous vote from the other 3.

  x123 21:11 22 Nov 2015

" have little respect for their audience. "

All 9 million of them?

  Flak999 21:35 22 Nov 2015

What you need to remember is that this is a light entertainment show, it's not a dance competition! It's a popularity contest, the judges keep in the competitor most popular with the public. Evidence, tonight. Jamelia had been in the dance off five times, Peter Andre the first time tonight. He was the most popular out of the two and so he stayed.

It's not rocket science!

  x123 21:49 22 Nov 2015


I don't know about that. They booted off that Scottish BBC weather women, Kirkgood?, who couldn't dance for toffee.

  Flak999 22:48 22 Nov 2015


"They booted off that Scottish BBC weather women, Kirkgood?, who couldn't dance for toffee."

'It's not a dance competition! It's a popularity contest'

  x123 06:59 23 Nov 2015


Then she was not popular;-)

  Flak999 15:54 23 Nov 2015


"Then she was not popular"

Evidently not!

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