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  PurplePenny 13:17 29 May 2006

I put food out every day for the birds. The other day, because I knew that I would be up later the next day and wouldn't get the seed mix down to them early enough, I put it out the night before.

A bit later I happened to glance out of the window and there was a hedgehog eating the bird food. So off I went to get out the hedgehog food (Spike's Dinner).

A bit later I looked out and there was a local semi-feral cat eating the hedgehog food. Oh dear - hog food is no good for cats (though hogs can eat cat food). So out I went again with a bowl of cat food.

Looked out again later and the cat food was being eaten .... by a fox!

Now I put out bird food, cat food and hedgehog food and sit back each evening and watch the visitors. And there is still enough in the morning to attract wrens, spadgers (house and tree), finches (gold, green, chaf and more), starlings, thrushes, blackbirds, jackdaws, magpies, crows, collared doves, wood pigeons, and others that flit in long enough for me to say "what's that" but have always gone by the time I get the bins out and focussed!

There are babes in the garden at the moment. I love to watch the baby starlings pursuing and demanding food from *any* adult, even blackbirds and spadgers!

(I know that studies have shown that cats have an impact on bird populations but we don't have that problem. Our own cat, the semi-feral and the other cats that visit the garden aren't around at the same time as the birds because cats are nocturnal hunters and they are fast asleep by the time the baby birds are on the ground. We frequently find mice remains but very rarely bird remains.)

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