BBC Sports Personality Award 2013

  Condom 22:12 15 Dec 2013

As A Scotsman I must say I am pleased that Andy Murray won the award this evening. Big problem in my mind however is that the trophy was in the USA to give to him yet theresult was supposed to be bt a phone in which only finished 10 minutes before the award was given. Am I a cynic or have millions of people been conned out of phone charges?

  QuizMan 22:31 15 Dec 2013

After all the brouhaha from previous phone votes, I am sure that the BBC wouldn't dare try to pull that stunt. I suspect that there are copies of the trophy made for just such circumstances.

  Aitchbee 22:46 15 Dec 2013

Murray was quoted at odds of 1/20 to win the title for many weeks in the 'run-up' to tonight's 'contest' ... this may have perhaps dissuaded many people from voting, on the phone, for any other sports personalities.

  Quickbeam 08:45 16 Dec 2013

I completely missed the hype of the event what with Brumas's competing millennium event...

  fourm member 08:54 16 Dec 2013

Just heard that Murray won 50% of the vote leaving the other 9 to share the rest.

I think it was so much a foregone conclusion that there was little risk of it going wrong.

But, you could ask, how do you know it was the trophy? Might it have been a props department mock up?

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