BBC to show World Cup in 4K UHD

  martd7 10:25 31 May 2018

Finally the BBC has announced it will be showing the World cup in 4k and VR too

See the BBC sport here

click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:37 31 May 2018

still don't think that'll help England's chances :0)

  daz60 11:59 31 May 2018

I am sure the England players will enjoy the matches ....on TV.!!

  martd7 12:57 31 May 2018

I'm more interested in the event,I don't think England will do much but credit Southgate for leaving out the likes of Joe Hart,Jack Wilshire and bringing in Reuben loftus cheek,Trent Alexander and even one of my favourite Leeds Utd players now at Bournemouth,Lewis Cook on standby

  hastelloy 13:56 31 May 2018

I wouldn't be watching even if they were playing in my back garden.

  Govan1x 18:58 31 May 2018

I will be watching it as usual as the it's the only time i get a decent sleep.

lets hope they play football this time and don't spend all of their time passing it backwards.

I would rather see them coming out and playing attractive football, and if they get beat at least they have tried. Or the usual, play unattractive football and still get beat.

But who knows they may surprise us and do well. Now we would all like to see that.

  oresome 19:06 31 May 2018

On first read, I took it that only Russian viewers would 4K UHD, but on second read I guess that the games are to be played in Russia.

Shows how much I follow the sport.

  morddwyd 19:46 31 May 2018

I won't be watching the WC, but I can't see any discernible difference between UHD and HD.

Maybe on a big pub style screen, but not on my domestic 55 inch.

  bumpkin 20:47 31 May 2018

55" is a giant tv to me, I wonder what other members have without starting a (mine is bigger than yours) competition.

  Aitchbee 22:59 31 May 2018

2 x 21.5" [21 watt] portable tiddlers and 2 X 24" main TVs plus 2 x 9" portable DVD players.

I can move 'em about as required easily and adjust my viewing distances as required.

  martd7 00:27 01 Jun 2018


Mines a 50" and I can see the difference,The French Tennis open on Eurosport is being broadcast in UHD via the red button,superb clarity

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