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bbc to scrap free tv licences for over 75;s

  roger.roger 14:31 10 Jun 2019

unless you get pension credit.

it was expected

  roger.roger 14:36 10 Jun 2019

If all had to pay and do pay. Thats over half a billion quid to the bbc.

  john bunyan 14:44 10 Jun 2019

I have received it for a few years. I see why they are withdrawing it but, like the Winter Fuel Allowance , I regarded it as a package with the Retirement Pension. U.K. state pensions are quite small by international standards so , maybe, the Government should step in for, say, the over 80’s to retain the free TV licence

  Govan1x 15:56 10 Jun 2019

I agree with JB. You have to wait 75 years to get a free tv licence. You have paid enough in your lifetime and deserve to benefit from it in your later years.

I will go as far as to say the BBC will loose out on this deal as I predict a backlash from all pensioners and from the public with a refusal to pay their licence fees.

Of course only time will tell.

The government has cut funding to the BBC and mow the BBC want us to pay to make up the difference.

So I suppose this is not the BBC's fault but the fault of a Tory Government determined to get the public to pay for everything.

Bad idea i think. Just more ammunition for the labour Party to get into power.

Methinks the BBC with its funding cut and the amount of unhappy customers refusing to pay may well be and advertising company in the next few years.

  wee eddie 17:17 10 Jun 2019

I am a pensioner. There are plenty of us that enjoy the free TV License but, to be honest, spend the money on beer and pickled onions. We don't really need it.

There are others who, for one reason or another, have little or no Pension and do need all the help that there is available. They are the folk that get Pension Credit and should get a free license. I would add a "rider" to that. If their household is paying for Sky, Netflix or similar, they forfeit that freebie

  rickf 17:21 10 Jun 2019

This is a case for means testing to be fair. Lots of pensioners are just about managing.

  QuizMan 17:38 10 Jun 2019

Definitely inevitable and I have 6 years before reaching the time for a free license so time to get used to the idea. At least I am still getting my £10 Xmas bonus!

  BT 17:44 10 Jun 2019

If their household is paying for Sky, Netflix or similar, they forfeit that freebie

This is the thing that really annoys me. People complain about the TV license but quite happily pay up to £80/£100 a month for Sky or Cable depending on their package. People complain about the BBC being "All repeats" when a huge amount of Sky/Cable is composed of repeats, much of which originated on BBC. People say BBC should take advertising when they already do on the Sky/Cable channels that they put out (UKTV channels). Much of the technical advances in TV have been from BBC research.

  morddwyd 20:05 10 Jun 2019

Just wait until they have the first 97 year old old trout in court for non-payment!

  Govan1x 23:26 10 Jun 2019

Think I got a bit mixed up with the Government not bailing the BBC out.

It was the government that refused to let them put up the TV licences fees as the BBC were overpaying their top earners.

But on the other hand it was the same Government that added that they would not let the BBC charge over 75's for a licence.

I'm afraid that they were not long changing their minds.

To add a little bit of sentimental facts. All those veterans that celebrated remembrance day will now have to pay for a TV licence.

Just wonder if the Labour party or the Lib Dems will be first to come out with " We will scrap TV Licences at the next general election to get more votes.

Maybe the Tory party should come out with that first to save them from loosing more votes.

The hole just seems to get bigger for them. But they keep digging.

  hastelloy 07:48 11 Jun 2019

The BBC did a consultation in which I took part. Of the many options the one they have settled on is the one I selected as being the most fair.

As the majority of the BBC audience is elderly there is no reason why they should be subsidised by the young who rarely watch BBC.

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