BBC Registration ~ Ha! Ha! Ha!

  wee eddie 22:26 26 Jun 2017

I have no problem with registration, most every other site I visit regularly asks for it, this one included.

However, I do wish they had worked out the benefits before shouting them abroad.

I, for example, watch the occasional program but only on a Monday or Tuesday. Frequently I am looking for the next episode of the chosen Series, So, I would like to be able to click on it's predecessor, on my Watch List. Unfortunately, since Registration, my Watch List has been unavailable and still is.

BBC ~ Hang your head in shame

  Forum Editor 22:42 26 Jun 2017

BBC iPlayer has been experiencing technical issues for the past few days.

  wee eddie 23:25 26 Jun 2017

A couple of weeks, at the least, by my experience.

In fact, since inception

  morddwyd 09:56 27 Jun 2017

Why are you complaining to us and not the BBC?

(Though I must admit, if my experience is anything to do by you won't even get the courtesy of an automatic acknowledgement, let alone an answer!)

  Cymro. 11:47 27 Jun 2017

I only wish all my problems were as minor as this one.

  wee eddie 13:04 27 Jun 2017

mddw: I have looked for a way to respond but the BBC's 'on site' pathway eludes me

  bumpkin 13:48 27 Jun 2017

I only wish all my problems were as minor as this one.

It may be minor to you but for wee eddie it is clearly causing great distress.

  wee eddie 14:07 27 Jun 2017

Nah, distress is the wrong word, so is frustration.

MY inner thoughts are that an organisation, such as the BBC, should really have their house in order, before, they launch their site. If it were a local Radio Station, one could excuse them but a behemoth such as the BBC, not really

  Forum Editor 22:29 27 Jun 2017

In fairness to the BBC, the iPlayer service was launched a long time ago, and has worked very well until relatively recently.

The problem is that the service has become far more popular than was ever envisaged, especially since bandwidth has not been the huge problem it once was.

I'm not here to defend the BBC, but it's unfair to accuse the corporation of launching the site before their house was in order.

  wee eddie 23:57 27 Jun 2017

The problem has almost certainly occurred as a result of "Required" registration

  Aitchbee 16:28 28 Jun 2017

wee eddie, why am I not surprised that this registration problem hasn't been mentioned in The Archers ... so far? ;o]

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