BBC Radio 5

  JYPX 09:50 04 Oct 2010

5 Live - wall to wall sport.
5 Live Sports Extra - wall to wall sport.
Is this a good idea? Would not one channel covering news, and 1 channel covering sport make more sense. In fact, wasn't that the whole point of Five Live Sports Extra??

  Quickbeam 09:57 04 Oct 2010

Wall to wall news would be like News 24, constant repetition of what you heard 5 minutes ago.

5 live extra only broadcasts on the twin channel when there is a different commentary to listen to. i.e. 2 similtanious football matches or a cricket test and the Wimbledon final.

Radio 4 gives enough dedicated radio news, and if that's not enough you can always catch Radio 1's Newsbeat for a extra dumb version...

  JYPX 10:16 04 Oct 2010

Labour conference - full coverage on Five live.
LibDem conference - full coverage on Five live.
Tory conference - full coverage of the golf......

For me - this is not a sensible use of the TWO Five channels which are on air today. I could not give a monkeys what they "usually" do.....
Just my opinion. Brief conference coverage is internet only - not available to most who are driving.

  Quickbeam 10:20 04 Oct 2010

that'll be because the golf was severely disrupted because of the heavy rain. But in any case both programmes would be talking balls...

  JYPX 10:23 04 Oct 2010

I can't argue with you on that one.

  interzone55 11:28 04 Oct 2010

At 9:50 this morning you complain about wall to wall sport of 5 Live, then at 10:16 you complain about full Tory conference coverage on 5 Live.

Please make your mind up...

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