BBC Parliament House of Commons. Pitiful J Straw.

  Snec 20:02 01 Feb 2010

Just watched it but ……….

Constitutional Reform Bill………… Jack Straw

Unbelievable, almost!
Um, er, um, errrrrrr, I,I, I, I, Under, under, un=nder, under, under… stand the errrrr, um errr, err, er the, the, um, er, the, the, um er errr um errr, honourable gentlemmmmman's question, er , um but, , but er, um…. Jack Straw, and this went on for over 15 minutes.

Might still be, but who can watch that? Referring to notes…. He had not got a clue what he was talking about.

Honestly, if I’d performed like that when addressing a meeting, in my heyday, I would have been truly ashamed. Not to mention, laughed out of the place, and rightly so.. whatever the place.

This place though is the HOUSES of PARLIAMENT………. Fully lit and heated and, so far as I could see, held only twenty-four people. These people I would have sacked for that alone. Twenty-four of the people that think they are running the country.

  bremner 20:24 01 Feb 2010

The truly frighening fact is - they ARE running the country!

  bri-an 20:27 01 Feb 2010

But why would you sack the twenty four who are actually doing their job?

  Snec 20:36 01 Feb 2010

Because they do not even understand the economics of heating and lighting a place.

In fact, I believe, they do not understand the need for economy, never mind economics. That is why we're bankrupt, and unless you know different, it's going to get worse.......... they have no, erm , errrrrr, no, nonnny no, nonny no, ermmm um er understanding of th, the um er, th , the ermmn um, need for basic cutting of, offfffffff , of ccc, ccc,costs.

  Snec 20:38 01 Feb 2010

C'mon now. I've had that since I was 15. You're clutching at Straws there.

  Grey Goo 20:40 01 Feb 2010

We only need one who is half dumb and there will be a complete set of the half not so wise monkeys

  dwaynedibbly 22:33 01 Feb 2010

forum member.

I think Mrs T and co were quite close to a bomb in 1984 in Brighton. Don`t think she used it as an excuse to mumble and bumble through any speeches.
(still not a fan though)

I think it just boils down to the fact that Straw, Brown, Darling, Balls ..., that guy with the funny tash that looks like Oliver Hardy (defence sec) are just oafs who haven`t got a clue when it come to speaking with authority. Especially on a subject you know cack all about.

  bri-an 23:37 01 Feb 2010

"Because they do not even understand the economics of heating and lighting a place."

You obviously don't see what I'm saying!
The 24 who you would sack are the only ones actually seen to be doing the job we pay them for - so why sack THEM?
That 24 are not responsible for how many others are in the chamber at that moment in time. Why not sack the others who appear to not want to attend? (Although many are involved in other committees, etc).
Maybe you are saying that all MPs should not go to the chamber at all, so we could just switch off all the heat and light - then maybe sell the building and just let a dictator rule?
I just failed to see your logic, although I'm sure you think the power saving would solve all the country's economic problems.

  Snec 23:45 01 Feb 2010

>> I just failed to see your logic <<

Yes, apparently. I'm sorry about that.

  Forum Editor 00:10 02 Feb 2010

seeing the point of your thread. What on earth has the cost of heating and lighting the House of Commons got to do with the fact that you didn't like Jack Straw's apparent hesitancy?

The House is the centre of our democratic process, and members come and go all the time. There is only a packed house when there's a major debate, or often at PM's question time. It's not necessary for MPs to be present all the time, in fact we don't want them to be - they have a good deal of work to do away from the house.

I should find something worth getting indignant about if I were you - this isn't worth a discussion.

  morddwyd 08:09 02 Feb 2010

Far better someone as hesitant as Straw than as glib as Blair!

(That's tongue in cheek by the way, not looking for an even more futile debate)

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