BBC and the Olympics

  morddwyd 07:30 27 Jul 2011

Full live broadcast of "Breakfast" from the Olympic site this morning.

If they're chucking money, facilities, satellite time and air time away like this with a year to go, heaven knows what it will be like when the games actually start!

At least with Sky you can elect not to actually watch the sports channels.

  Quickbeam 07:37 27 Jul 2011

I think it's more accurate to say with Sky that you elect to not to pay.

  morddwyd 08:15 27 Jul 2011

You can elect not to pay with the BBC too, or are you suggesting it is free?

  Quickbeam 08:34 27 Jul 2011

Even more accurately, you elect to not to pay even more, assuming that that we all have a TV anyway, and yes, I know there is going to be a Luddite forum member that'll post to say that they don't have a TV at all...

My post was mainly a snipe at Sky that won't offer any kind of selective purchase option to non footie fans on their sports packages. I'll never subscribe to Sky Sports at around £40 a month for a package that's aimed at football addicts for a few hours cricket a week during the UK test match season. Test cricket is the only sport exclusive to Sky that interests me enough to pay, but not £40 a month on a lengthy tied in contract!

I read in the paper this morning that they have 10 million subscribers, they could have a few million more with part time subscribers who, like me, will never pay for the full monty package to watch less than 10% of the available programming.

Anti Sky rant over...

  Quickbeam 09:21 27 Jul 2011

Well put fm.

  Aitchbee 09:32 27 Jul 2011

David Coleman comentating on the great Cuban 400m runner...Alberto Juantorino..he just has to open his legs to show his class...quite remarkable! (very very). I am not looking forward to the motely crew of BBC commentators, who's names will not pass my lips here.

  bremner 09:45 27 Jul 2011


It was Ron Pickering who said that.

The term Colemanballs, from Private Eye, is used to describe any commentating fau pas

  interzone55 10:12 27 Jul 2011

The Olympics, despite the title London Olympics, is a national event, there would complaints from all corners if there wasn't coverage of the build up. The BBC also needs to flex its broadcasting muscle to ensure that the games are kept as a priority and not shuttled off to Sky where we would all be forced to pay £40 a month for the privilege of watching them

As fourm member quite rightly points out, everything now points at the games being a success, and a sign that we can indeed plan and run very large projects, just as Manchester proved with the 2002 Commonwealth Games, which left a lasting impression on a previously run down area of Manchester, with 2 amazing arenas, the Etihad (neé City of Manchester) Stadium and the Velodrome which has lead to a resurgence in cycling in this country.

The delays with "new" Wembley and the Millennium Dome are almost certainly down to political interference and changing specs during the build process.

  woody 11:00 27 Jul 2011

Yes its wonderful. Is it true some of the games are illegal in this country? Is it true a lot of the venues will be demolished after a few weeks use? Is it true most jobs went to NON British people? The "village" built for something other than humans - how else do you explain it needs £Millions spent to make it habitable by humans after the event?And how much was/is the sweetener to encourage some one to take it on?

But the one i like best is the sailing venue - tax payers money to provide it - then tax payers money to build a wall to stop them watching!!

  Aitchbee 11:11 27 Jul 2011

Can Lord Coe be made a Knight?

  interzone55 11:23 27 Jul 2011


Lord Coe is only Lord Coe because he was a rubbish MP but he knew the right people who could keep him in power.

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