BBC Election Streaming

  The Spires 04:53 06 May 2005

I was very impressed with the glitch free high quality streaming election results the BBC provided. Well done BBC!

  Arthur Scrimshaw 10:18 06 May 2005

after a slow start it kept me glued to the screen until 5:30 this morning!
Bit jaded at the moment. Need more coffee.....

  Kate B 15:40 06 May 2005

We watched it on telly and Peter Snow's computer graphics were just the best I've ever seen in many years of election-watching! I particularly loved the Playstation-like characters walking up Downing Street.

  Diemmess 16:52 06 May 2005

Excellent Yes but - the BBC Homepage's constant update of the results worked fine for me around 0800 and took over... -- Trying to use Google while keeping the election results in the background didn't work!

I found that while trying to type in Google search, the underlying Beeb stuff kept re-emerging, as soon a couple of characters were in place!

A small matter, just a question of priorities!

  Arthur Scrimshaw 16:56 06 May 2005

I thought the interative map on the website was very good - I got quite excited watching it turn into a sea of red and blue (with the odd bit of orange here and there) - but then my wife says I'm easily pleased :-)

  Forum Editor 19:38 06 May 2005

is the only word to describe the BBC coverage. I'm old enough to remember the very first appearance of the Swingometer and my, how technology has moved on since then. The online coverage has been of an equally high standard - the BBC can show the world how to do these things when they put their mind to it.

  Dan the Doctus 19:50 06 May 2005


  Al94 21:16 06 May 2005

Did anyone else notice how "behind" BBC were with their reporting of results compared to ITV? At around 1.30am they were only showing about half of the numbers of seats compared to ITV who were much better up to date. Agree generally about the quality of the coverage.

  LastChip 00:21 07 May 2005

....were something else.

I wonder what computing power they used to generate such superb images?

A taste of things to come on the PC I feel. True 3D graphics that can be seen through, manipulated and generated in split seconds at will.

As our FE says, when they do something well, they really are a world class act!

  Kate B 13:00 07 May 2005

I suspect the reason the Beeb was "behind" is because it's actually rather stricter about verifying the result from each constituency. The BBC has a reporter at every single count and it doesn't flash up the result until its own reporter has verified it. Not sure if ITN and Sky are that rigorous - they might rely on PA (wire services) - there have been plenty of occasions when Sky or ITN has "beaten" the BBC to a story and it's been wrong.

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