BBC down?

  Graham* 20:48 11 Jul 2012

I can't get News or Weather - I get Error 502 - Bad Gateway. Anyone getting through?

  Nontek 20:58 11 Jul 2012

I just tried BBC iplayer, at first I got Page not loading message, but when I pressed 'Try again' it loaded OK.

  Nontek 21:00 11 Jul 2012

Hmm, I guess it is down - when I tried to watch a program the page would not load!

  ams4127 22:15 11 Jul 2012

Working OK for me.

  Flak999 22:17 11 Jul 2012

OK here in NW London!

  interzone55 22:26 11 Jul 2012

Been getting Error 500 on and off this evening.

At least it's working occasionally, which is better than my O2 phone, which has been out of action since early this afternoon. Oddly my girlfriend's O2 phone is fine

  Condom 22:56 11 Jul 2012

O2 has said it has major problems all over the country and there seems to be little rhyme or reason to what it is effecting. Some phones are working in some localities whilst others are not. The problem is all over the UK.

PCA appears to have been down for much of the day and suddenly reappeared for me early this evening when Matt's message vanished at the same time.

Microsoft Live has also had problems today so perhaps some rogues have been up to no good somewhere.

I think many of us have been lulled into a sense of expecting everything to be hunky dory all the time and forgetting all the problems we have had over the years. We live in an age where people are always trying to improve things and not always managing it first go but I do wish some better testing of changes was standard before unleashing unstable tweaks on us.

  Graham* 23:12 11 Jul 2012

Here you go BBC

  Forum Editor 23:15 11 Jul 2012

The BBC site experienced quite a serious problem shortly after 8:00 this evening.

They issued a statement saying that service was restored after an hour, but nothing was said about the cause of the problem - I'm guessing that's because they don't know. These things can take a while to investigate; it's far from easy to diagnose faults on a busy site that has a lot of back-end stuff going on.

  interzone55 06:50 12 Jul 2012

I wonder if these problems are in any way related to the huge outage at Level 3's data centre on Tuesday, this can have a knock on effect later on as traffic is rerouted via some less used, and perhaps not as reliable, routers

  Graham* 09:01 13 Jul 2012

BBC down again.

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