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BBC defends vetting process after imam's tweets.

  Old Deuteronomy 12:30 19 Jun 2019

BBC News.

I don't get this and believe Jews are over sensitive. You are allowed to criticise the policies of any government in the world, including our own bunch of idiots but, dare to criticise Israeli policy and you are vilified as an anti-semite.

  Forum Editor 19:13 20 Jun 2019

",,,dare to criticise Israeli policy and you are vilified as an anti-semite."

It's a question of context, isn't it? There's nothing wrong with criticising another country's government, as long as you don't make the criticism into a racial slur.

You can say to me "That's the trouble with the Welsh government, etc. etc. " and nobody will bat an eyelid. On the other hand If you were to say, "that's the trouble with you Welsh people, etc. etc" I might feel offended.

Saying anti Semitic things is offensive, criticising the Israel government's agricultural policy isn't.

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