BBC coverage of USA mid-term O T T

  gengiscant 09:57 03 Nov 2010

As usual wake up and stay awake in the small hours,usually have a cup of something and a biscuit and watch the BBC news channel.

I am sorry but wall to wall coverage of the results in the American mid-term elections was over the top. At the bottom of the screen was the headline Breaking news 'so and so has taken West Virginia'. Who??

And whats this tea party their all going to.

I'm sorry,the rest of the world does not stop because of whats happening in the USA. I appreciate that the USA is a big player in the world, but in a country who's population would be hard pushed to point out Canada on a map, why does the BBC think that the rest of the world is wanting to know who has won the seat in West Virginia or any other state, for that matter.

  Bingalau 10:13 03 Nov 2010

I agree, it is as dull as dishwater too. Like you I watch the news sometimes in the middle of the night. I can only think that they are choosing the easy option.

  interzone55 10:32 03 Nov 2010

The Tea Party are very worrying.

They're extremely right wing, believe in "intelligent design" rather than evolution, and celebrate the fact that they know very little about the rest of the world.

Unfortunately these idiots have struck a chord with the majority of US citizens and seem to have taken control of the Republican party. If they get real power the rest of the world will be badly affected.

This is why the US mid-term elections are important...

  johndrew 10:51 03 Nov 2010

I seem to remember history identifying other right wing parties that 'struck a chord' with the public during depressed economic times in at least two European countries in the last century; Germany and Italy.

Given that the USA has a very high immigrant population, from Europe, I wonder if there could possibly be any connection in political direction. Be interesting for those with far better knowledge than I have of politics and history to provide a consideration of the current wave of feeling.

  Colin 13:32 03 Nov 2010

It was the same with the parcel bombs last weekend. A serious issue but blanket coverage on both BBC 24 and Sky News with nothing new to add and then dragging every security “expert” into the studio for their take on the events.

  spuds 13:37 03 Nov 2010

I think that you will be overcome by events, or at least the American's will be. The Presidents jobs on the line, due to the shortcomings he now seems to hold!.

  morddwyd 20:31 03 Nov 2010

Notwithstanding the effects of American politics on the rest of the world ("what happens in Washington doesn't stay in Washington") I too think that the BBC coverage was well over the top.

The president's job is certainly not on the line (and what if it were?), at least for another couple of years.

Unlike our Prime Minister, his own party cannot vote him out mid-term.

The French and German elections are just as important to us, if not more so, whether we like it or not, but they only get minimal coverage.

  jakimo 01:09 04 Nov 2010

The latest voting results will mean deadlock,with the Republicans now in control of the finances Obama cannot get any of his policies through without their consent,,and anyone who thinks that what happens in the US government has nothing to do with us is very much mistaken.

As Jon Snow said when interviewing a Democrat Senator 'If you go down the Swanee so do we)

  gengiscant 08:02 04 Nov 2010

"The US mid-terms are important to us so they need to be covered"

It it totally unnecessary for the BBC to have shown every US state's result and show a studio discussion on that result.

The overall result may or may not be important to us,depending on your point of view, but as I stated in my original post, the rest of the world does not stop because the Americans are having a mid-term election.

Surely the overall result was more than enough for those in the rest of the world who are interested.

If I tune in to the BBC's 24 hour news channel it is because I want to catch up on events around the rest of the world, not just the political machinations of the USA.

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