BBC Ceefax??

  Housten 17:59 28 Sep 2011

Good afternoon,

I know this is probably in the wrong forum, and maybe shouldn't even be on here, but........

My wife and have shares in various companies and, as a result, I use BBC2 ceefax quite a bit. But lately we have both - especially me - been driven to distraction by the what I can only call rubbish performance lately. So before I complain to the BBC - or rant and rave as the wife calls it - I would like to ask people viewing here if they have suffered as we have, and it isn't our TV, although the bedroom one seems to have the same problems. Web have noticed that a lot of first characters of lines seem to be missing, but if you wait, usually some time, some then appear. Is this common??

Another problem that I find extremely irritating is on pages 211 to 217, where they show company's results. For instance last night it appeared that page 211 had 10 sub-pages, but after waiting around I only managed to get sub-pages 1, 2, 5, 6 and 10 - in other words 50% of what they were showing. This becomes really annoying when on page 218 one of our company's result's have been declared but we can't - for some reason - see what the results are. I know that I can always go onto the web to get these. but it's very handy to do it on ceefax!!

Has anyone else experienced these sorts of problems?

  Forum Editor 18:17 28 Sep 2011

I can't remember the last time I used Ceefax, I use this online service. If you Click here you can contact Ceefax to report a page display problem.

  Al94 19:10 28 Sep 2011

Agree, never look at Ceefax, easy to set up your portfolio here then track value and performance with one click, been using it for a couple of years now.

  morddwyd 20:19 28 Sep 2011

Characters missing from analogue Ceefax is almost invariably a signal strength problem, in fact some engineers would check Ceefax first if they were called out to reception problems.

I suspect your area may be getting ready for switchover and your signal strength has dropped off.

Failing that, as already suggested, check antenna connections.

  Woolwell 20:35 28 Sep 2011

We don't get Ceefax at all as it is analogue and we are digital. If we look at text, which is extremely rarely, then we use Freeview text which doesn;t have the same information.

My understanding is that Ceefax will go in 2012 so Housten had better start now finding a different way to look at share prices.

  grey george 21:14 28 Sep 2011

I thought ceefax was gone. At least it is being phased out. Do you mean the services on "press the red button"? Which I think are meant to replace ceefax but with a different name. The south coast because of its proximity to France is one of the last regions to be switched over, after which the digital signal will be 10 times stronger. You post here so must have internet connection, which will give far more up to date and even real time financial information.

  Quickbeam 07:16 29 Sep 2011

I thought it was gone too.

  Housten 10:32 29 Sep 2011

Good morning,

Many thanks every one, especially for the links to alternative methods of getting share prices! I have been using ceefax for quite a few years now, usually after watching the 10pm news, because I worked out that watching the share prices soon after close of business meant that all the changes were not listed. I will certainly try the alternatives, but I will not be able to check our aerial connections. The reason is that the aerial is in the loft and if it were possible for me to stand up in the loft the ridge board would be about my waist level, with me being a not so active as I should be pensioner and rafters at 24" centres all combining to make it what I call 'very, very dodgy' to go into the loft. Anyway after February next year we will be digital anyway. Heigh Ho!! we will just have to live with it, although I will try to see what ceefax say, and will update this if, and when, I get an answer.

  Terry Brown 15:11 29 Sep 2011

I find one of the best sites for share prices is Digital look, you have to register, however it is free and the information is up to date (15 minutes behind 'Live' prices).


  Terry Brown 15:13 29 Sep 2011

Sorry slight error on link, should have been


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