BBC Breakfast News Tells Of Water Droughts.

  Big L 266 09:40 16 Jun 2010


I was astonished to see on BBC Breakfast News today Wednesday 16th June that there is a likelihood of a drought in the UK in 2010. It would appear to have its origins in the fact that the rainfall for the first few months of 2010 was well below average. The consequences of which are that our reservoirs are not being topped up as regularly as they should.

Now forgive me if this is an over-simplistic view of things,but given the billions of pounds of profits made over the past years from excessive water bills charged by the now (sadly) privatised water companies,did it not occur to them to use some of that vast profit to build NEW reservoirs?

I consulted my map of the UK and found to my astonishment that we're not a land-locked country dependent on others for our water. Clearly our water companies haven't discovered this fact yet because my map also tells me we're an island surrounded by water. A fact clearly not yet within the grasp of these greedy water companies.

How can the UK,which is surrounded by water,ever be in the position of having a water shortage is truly beyond my comprehension? Why haven't the water companies built new reservoirs? Why haven't they invested in water desalination plants around our coastline? Its totally baffling as both government and water companies clearly learned nothing from the past.

Anyone remember the 1976 Harold Wilson Governments' 'Minister Of Drought' Dennis Howell?I do! Now who would be a suitable candidate for the job in 2010?

Big L 266

  DANZIG 10:09 16 Jun 2010

Don't we get this story ever year or two? Cue the images of people filling up water bottles from stand pipes at the end of the street...

I've yet to see this happen where I've lived either down South (my formative years) or up North where I am now.

The only things I've seen when we go through a hot spell, which apparently we will this year, is things like jetwashes for cars being shut down and people being advised to recycle water for the gardens etc.

However it always tickles me when we get reports like this, its generally in the middle of a massive rainstorm.

  spuds 10:38 16 Jun 2010

This must be a cue to the water boards about an increase in extra charges to the general public and commerce in the forthcoming year.

Perhaps if they were to replace some of the Victorian pipework, or retain some of the storage facilities,then water wastage might not be the problem it is nowadays.

There was a report the other day regarding sewage disposal, and how some seaside areas are having an increase of poor ratings due to sewage being discharged into the sea. The spokesperson for the water boards seemed to have suggested that this problem was due to flooding and excess water. If that is the case, then there should be no concern to drought conditions. But then again, I am not an expert on these matters, and the water boards are!.

  Colin 13:04 16 Jun 2010

"How can the UK,which is surrounded by water,ever be in the position of having a water shortage is truly beyond my comprehension?"

You can't drink sea water or use it for other purposes where only fresh water can be used. Perhaps they've used their "billions of pounds of profits" to give us high quality drinking water.

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Also, don't forget that news articles are usually based on the worst case scenario - there wouldn't be a story otherwise.

  sunnystaines 14:02 16 Jun 2010

in southern england near the thames estuary a desalination plant is being built to end water shortages in london and the home counties.

a few years back there was talk of a national grid water system anyone know what happened.

  anchor 14:09 16 Jun 2010

Where I live in NW London/Middlesex there are two very large lakes used as reservoirs. They are almost overflowing with water.

I was told by someone living adjacent to one that the water level is much higher than it has been in years. It seems the authorities have intentionally done this.

No one knows if there will be drought this summer, least of all the met office I suspect. (Remember their forecast for a barbecue summer in 2009, and a mild winter 2009/2010).

Anyway, it seems we are well prepared in our locality.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:10 16 Jun 2010

'You can't drink sea water or use it for other purposes where only fresh water can be used'....*cough* desalination plant+Googlke+Dubai *cough*


  sunnystaines 14:21 16 Jun 2010

is one of those lakes welsh harp used to canoe there in early 70's

  sunnystaines 14:26 16 Jun 2010

was this the link

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  interzone55 14:43 16 Jun 2010

You can't just build a new reservoir, mainly because few people like their houses compulsorily purchased so they can be flooded out by a reservoir.

Then there's the infrastructure to be put in place, miles of pipes to be laid & buried, rivers diverted to fill it up, dams to be built.

It's not something that can be done overnight, or even in a decade.

If you live in the north west you may have seen the huge earthworks going on across lancashire at the moment as they run a pipeline so that London can steal the water from the lake district. That work has been ongoing for about 6 years now.

In London a lot of work is being done to replace the victorian sewer network.

Both these projects will be using a fair chunk of the billions of pounds you mentioned...

  morddwyd 16:27 16 Jun 2010

In London, of course, they've already got the site and infrastructure of a new reservoir.

Just close the Thames Barrier as the tide goes out, not in!

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