BBC admits Micro Bit rollout will be delayed

  Dragon_Heart 15:43 17 Sep 2015

.... until after Christmas

The BBC has admitted it's Micro Bit computer, due to be given to one million schoolchildren next month, has been delayed.

Micro Bit

  Forum Editor 18:55 17 Sep 2015

Such is life.

  Dragon_Heart 23:28 17 Sep 2015

.... and there was me thinking PC Advisor was a computer mag ......

  Aitchbee 00:09 18 Sep 2015

Maybe a circular design ... would have been easier to 'rollout'.

  Dragon_Heart 00:19 18 Sep 2015

"Maybe a circular design" what about it rolling off your desk ?

I read a report earlier this week that said PC's in schools hindered not helped learning ! In my experience many teachers are not 'up' on IT and it's the children teaching the teachers.

  Aitchbee 00:27 18 Sep 2015

They might make nice festivity lights ... if daisy-chaining is in the specs? [belatedly]

  Dragon_Heart 00:36 18 Sep 2015

.... or small Frisbees :-)

I feel this is joining an already overcrowded field for this type of mini PC.

  Aitchbee 00:39 18 Sep 2015

... or maybe it's just Auntie Beeb just trying to get-in-on-the-act.

  Dragon_Heart 02:41 18 Sep 2015

Many years ago, at a time when The Spectrum 48 was the in thing, Auntie Beeb tried to get-in-on-the-act.

They had an early morning Saturday show, 6am, from which you could record small software programmes to run on your Spectrum. It to was designed to encourage software development amongst children.

It to never 'took off'.

However this is the same BBC who made an expensive mess of transferring from tape to digital.

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