BBC accepts that DAB's a dud

  wee eddie 18:57 20 Mar 2018

There's been a reprieve for FM Radio. For which I am mightily relieved.

I have recently had a DAB Radio in my Flat. It's owner said that it was top of the range and it looked very pretty with its faux leather case.

It could pick up no signal in the positions, in kitchen and bathroom, where my FM Radio normally sits.

In more favourable spots, it's sound was thin and reedy by comparison to the FM radio on Radio 4 and Classic FM and it was unable to match the oomph of an old £25 Cassette Radio on Radio 2.

I think that I'll be able to live without DABs 400 extra Stations, as I can only listen to one at a time, anyway

  Quickbeam 19:17 20 Mar 2018

As reliable as FM is, it doesn't transmit 5 Live or 6 Music. They're the two stations that I listen to, so DAB isn't a dud in my mind!

5 Live covers sport/news/current affairs and is probably best described as Radio 4 lite. 6 Music plays quite a diverse range of old and new music without being dominated by mind numbing chart dross.

  Aitchbee 21:34 20 Mar 2018

Yes, wee eddie, that good news. There's a limit to how much digital innovation can go without being overkill. Enough is enough.

  canarieslover 21:54 20 Mar 2018

I have a DAB radio in the car and the only time I resort to using DAB stations is when I am travelling northwards on the motorway when there seems to be a paucity of FM stations available that suit my taste. The biggest problem with DAB is that it either on or off whereas with FM I can put up with the occasional fade. I find that preferable to silence as I can still follow the tune, usually singing along I might add!!

  Forum Editor 22:41 20 Mar 2018

My wife has a DAB radio on her bedside table, and she hates it. She says she can't get good reception. I can't confirm or otherwise, as I am always out of bed and away before her radio comes on in the morning.

  morddwyd 09:15 21 Mar 2018

I have DAB as a backup for when my broadband signal is down, but reception is not good. FM is non-existent. I use internet radio throughout the house.

However, I regarded DAB as essential in the ca, not least because of the additional features such as live traffic.

  alanrwood 10:27 21 Mar 2018

I have both DAB and FM in the car and to my mind the sound quality of the DAB id very poor in comparison with FM. Try comparing the same station of both at the same time.

  Old Deuteronomy 10:55 21 Mar 2018

There's nothing wrong with the concept of DAB, it's the implementation that is at fault. More relay transmitters, to fill-in the gaps, and use of higher bitrates would, I believe, fix it nicely for most people.

  Pine Man 11:47 21 Mar 2018

Try comparing the same station of both at the same time.

I'm intrigued. How do you compare BOTH at the same time in your car?

  Pine Man 11:50 21 Mar 2018

I don't accept that DAB is dud. I do accept that it doesn't suit everyone and location is certainly important. I use DAB in my car and my Bose System indoors is DAB. Both work superbly.

  Cymro. 12:20 21 Mar 2018

I payed more than I wanted to pay for a DAB radio and I all in all am very disappointed with it. I have complained to the BBC and all I get is wait till there are more new transmitters. I cant even get my favourite local radio station on DAB so have to switch over to FM. I dare say there will eventually be new transmitters and perhaps the tech. of the thing will improve but I have still paid more for a new radio then I needed to only to be disappointed.

By the way morddwyd I just get live traffic updates reports on FM when in the car.

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