BBC 500 Words children's short story competition

  Cymro. 13:43 24 Jan 2017

My 9 year old grandchild has entered this with a story about a pig going to the moon. I think this to be an imaginative idea for such a story. So what sort of story would you write if you were able to enter this competition? Something along the lines of a celebrity going to the moon perhaps. So which celeb. would you send to the moon and for what reason?

  wee eddie 15:22 24 Jan 2017

I think that it is a brilliant idea and I'd definitely send "The Donald"

  Forum Editor 15:42 24 Jan 2017

I think I would nominate Sting and/or Bono, because they are fine examples of the way some celebrities think the fact of their fame gives them some kind of superior understanding of what the rest of us should be doing.

  iscanut 16:13 24 Jan 2017

I would send Boris so he could meet up with the Clangers.

  iscanut 16:14 24 Jan 2017

PS Totally agree with FE, there are plenty more like those.

  Pine Man 16:32 24 Jan 2017

Lily ALLEN without a second thought!!

  Aitchbee 19:14 24 Jan 2017

I would send off the pesky canned-laughter-studio-audience on BBC Radio4's comedy shows - let's see if they think it's funny.

  bumpkin 20:09 24 Jan 2017

So which celeb. would you send to the moon and for what reason?

I can think of plenty if there is a rocket big enough for their ego's

  Brumas 21:40 24 Jan 2017

As the moon is not capable of supporting life, even lowlife, I would send Rolf Harris and any more of his ilk!!

Sorry, just realised this is a children's short story, sorry for rant!

  wee eddie 22:06 24 Jan 2017

Brumas, none of us know whether Rolf Harris is guilty of the crimes which he has been accused. Judge not, least you be judged

  Brumas 22:55 24 Jan 2017

wee eddie, c'mon, surely you are not serious, why the heck is he locked up then? next you'll be inferring Saville was innocent!!

As for the "Judge not, least you be judged" I'll treat that with the contempt it deserves!!

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