Baxi Duotec 28

  Carryduff 12:09 30 Jan 2011

I recently bought a new Baxi Duotec 28 boiler which works really well.However I am not happy with the old style programer which involves pushing the pins in or out to set a timer event. Just wondered if I can replace this with a digital readout one and if so a rough guide to cost and where to buy. Naturally I would be getting a qualified installer to fit it. Any help will be much appreciated

  bremner 12:13 30 Jan 2011

To be clear.

Is the timer integral to the boiler or seperate.

If seperate there are lots of digital timers available.

  Carryduff 12:30 30 Jan 2011

Timer is part of the front panel and is round shape about 3 inches diameter.

  bremner 13:48 30 Jan 2011

Heres the replacement click here

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