Battery purchasing.....

  TonyV 13:27 09 Jun 2009

Why is it not possible to buy battery packs, like AA, AAA et al in packs less than 4? All my remotes, clocks, thermostats, bells etc have one or two batteries installed. When replacement time comes I have to buy a pack of 4. This inevitably means that the 2 not used at that time get lost or mislaid and the next time I want 2 batteries I have to buy another pack of 4.

It's about time Marketing and Manufacturing got their act together and realised that there are a lot of cases where single batteries are needed to be bought. These should be cheaper than buying the prepacked units because you now have no packaging costs to pay for apart from the big box that is used to deliver maybe 100, 200 or even 500 to the stores.

I have written to one manufacturer, but I don't think I'll hold my breath for a response!!


  user8 13:39 09 Jun 2009

Probably to do with marketing & that packs of 4 are easier to put together.
I really dont know the answer, but would like to now!

  TonyV 13:44 09 Jun 2009

Packs of 4 cannot be easier to to put together than 1! Lets just have a box of single batteries and buy as many or as few as you want at any given time.


  user8 13:47 09 Jun 2009

More packaging for 1 battery.
Where as less packaging the more batteries on offer.

  TonyV 13:57 09 Jun 2009

As I said in my first piece, the packaging for 4 must be more expensive than a naked battery. The only packaging needed for 1 battery is nothing. It is only necessary to use a larger very simple box with no plastic window and to be used for transporting from the manufacturer to the wholesaler to the retailer in much larger numbers. You will still have that simple box to ship the packed unit items. In fact you will do away with one complete layer of packaging. And here, I suggests, lies the problem.

Everything we now purchase is grossly over packaged. As I said earlier, get the Marketing people and the Manufacturing people together and get them to sort out a more sensible means of distribution and selling.


  newman35 14:00 09 Jun 2009

When packaged, they are usually date stamped and you can tell their 'freshness'.
If batteries were sold singly, with no packaging, they may have been in a shop for a long time, and have been used already, if not sealed (ie packaged!!).
So, yes, single would have drawbacks.

  TonyV 14:06 09 Jun 2009

The batteries I bought this morning are individually marked with their best use by date. It says "Use by 2016".



  TonyV 14:08 09 Jun 2009

It even goes one better than that. The packaging use by date is 2015!! So they can't even get that bit right.


  jack 14:15 09 Jun 2009

That is Use2lose2b is simple
buy a pack of 12 and a big drawing/map pin
Pin the stock waiting to be used on the Kitchen/Computer room notice board

  TonyV 14:19 09 Jun 2009

That would go down like a lead balloon in this household!


  wee eddie 15:06 09 Jun 2009

a Drawer full of spare batteries, glue (although most of this is now kept in the fridge), Blue Tack, rolls of adhesive tape, spare plugs, fuses and assorted small tools.

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