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Basic PC Maintenance

  S5W 20:03 16 Oct 2004

This post is my attempt to repay a tiny bit (byte?) of the help and advice I have received from this forum during the past couple of years.
Recently the internal battery in my PC started to fail and after posting a help notice and reading all the info about the dangers of fiddling in the bowels of the tower I opened it up, cleaned out two and a half years of gunge, replaced the battery and reset the BIOS.

Without the knowledge gained from here I would not have attempted the task. Thank you everyone.

  spuds 21:07 16 Oct 2004

Now that will cost you a years subscription to PC Advisor magazine ;o))

  spuds 22:37 16 Oct 2004

Could you please explain yourself. Your reply would appear to be a mystery!.

  S5W 19:11 20 Oct 2004

Sorry to have been so tardy in replying. feb, you're dead right. spuds, yes it was and I do subscribe to PCA, at this rate I shall be an expert in computes in about fifty years :-)))

Cheers all.

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