Basal Cell Carcinoma watch out for it.

  flycatcher1 19:48 06 Sep 2014

I realise that I may be telling Granny to suck eggs but I want to publicise the dangers of BCC.

Last June I finally recognised that the spot on my nose was not healing and had been there for some time. It was showing on a photograph taken at a wedding in July 2013. Visited my GP, checked in a hospital and removed last Monday, in the operating chair for seventy minutes because it was worse than expected. My boyish good looks have gone for a ball of chalk.

As a child I spent a few years in hot climates and my RAF service often made my knees brown. I am not a sun lover but I have needed some Cryo treatment on my bald pate but was not prepared for the BCC.

From the papers I read that cancers caused by the sun are increasing, particularly in the older generation, so my advice is to keep an eye out for any blemishes that look "different".

Stitches out on Tuesday. I realise that some Forum Members have had great medical traumas and mine is comparitively minor but a word in time...........

  Bald Eagle 22:18 08 Sep 2014

Had an intriguing thing in June. A small brown blemish on my left leg suddenly, over a couple of days, became a mole about 10mm round and 3mm high. Took a photo with a ruler at the side to show doctor if it got "worse". However, a week later it started to go flakey and within 48 hours it had disappeared totally. In fact this afternoon I looked for it and there isn't any mark at all now! Strange!


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