iqs 12:03 21 Apr 2010

Has anyone tried the new vitamin drink barocca ?.

If yes,your thoughts please,good and bad.


  Cymro. 12:05 21 Apr 2010
  babybell 12:19 21 Apr 2010

that Cymro has linked too then don't bother buying it.

Whilst its very good for you and tastes lovely, Sainsburys have their own version called Revive and it is EXACTLY the same for what vits and mins you get, but its almost a pound cheaper.

Asda have one as well but its tastes horrible.

  babybell 12:22 21 Apr 2010

In fact, Sainsburys Revive is £1.30 and Berocca is £3.98 for the same number of tablets, so £2.68 cheaper!

Next time you visit Sainsburys, pick up both and compare the nutrients table, it is word for word the same. Just goes to show how much extra you can charge by sticking a posh label on it!

  iqs 13:04 21 Apr 2010


Thanks for the help.
I will pay a visit to Sainsburys,and try their Revive,especially if its more or less the same,and cheaper.


  babybell 14:35 21 Apr 2010

From the Sainsburys site regarding "Revive"

Vitamin C 476.0mg
Thiamin 10.4mg
Riboflavin 13.6mg
Niacin 45.3mg NE
Vitamin B6 7.1mg
Folacin (folic acid) 366.0µg
Vitamin B12 8.6µg
Biotin 130µg
Pantothenic Acid 22.7mg
Calcium 95.0mg
Magnesium 95.0mg
Zinc 9.0mg

Berocca (From Asda Website)

Vitamin C 476mg
Thiamin 10.4mg
Riboflavin 13.6mg
Niacin 45.3mg NE
Vitamin B6 7.1mg
Folacin (folic acid) 366µg
Vitamin B12 8.6µg
Biotin 130µg
Pantothenic acid 22.7mg
Calcium 95mg
Magnesium 95mg
Zinc 9mg

Ounce for ounce the same.

As the tablets dissolve into water as well, they will both be the same.

  sunnystaines 16:12 21 Apr 2010

what happened to fresh fruit and veg, together with healthy eating.

  babybell 16:18 21 Apr 2010

Sometimes people need a boost. I use them for when I'm weight lifting as it works with other suppliments I take to deliver protein to my muscles faster, etc.

  spuds 20:17 21 Apr 2010

Possibly both products comes from the same source!.

A friend of mine runs a rather large food processing company, and many of their products are packaged to the retailer's and trade outlet specifications. Same product, different label and usually different price.

  jack 09:15 22 Apr 2010

You do not not need them if you are in good health and eating a varied diet.
When I opened a Wholefood shop 30+ years go - the first in this corner of the UK- I thoroughly investigated the supplement business.
The only people who need supplementation are those who have a malabsorption problem- medically diagnosed- and then it goes in via a needle.
Vegans for example can in time develop an anemic problem because of B12 deficiency.
And overdosing - of the oilbased vitamins - A & E in particular can lead to toxicity problems of their own.

  morddwyd 09:23 22 Apr 2010

"it goes in via a needle."

Not necessarily.

My wife takes multi-vitamins orally as advised, but not prescribed, by her GP.

Though not strictly speaking a vitamin, those with an iron deficiency will frequently be given an iron supplement, to be taken orally.

I also think it is fairly well documented that folic acid, taken orally, is of benefit to pregnant women.

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