Bargain of the year

  anchor 14:02 03 Apr 2010

On femaleshopper. co. uk site I came across this amazing reduction. The item was reduced from
£2,670,000.00 to £12.22.

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Could it be a misprint?.

  Blackhat 14:17 03 Apr 2010

I thought this was quite a bargain.

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No customer reviews yet???

  michaelw 15:26 03 Apr 2010

That's not an exceedingly good offer.

  TonyV 16:03 03 Apr 2010

Tesco are past masters at these reverse offers! I have complained to them many times when it is cheaper to buy two single items than two on offer. The problem comes when you buy two, but do not want the "offer" to be applied. I just tell the cashier that they are two single items and please do not apply the offer!! Otherwise one will get left at the checkout!!


  BT 16:32 03 Apr 2010

Tesco's Own Brand marmalade is actually cheaper than the Discount Brands one

  Kevscar1 17:39 03 Apr 2010

Buy it then put it up for sale for £10,000 showing their original price.

  Awshum 18:43 03 Apr 2010

Ketchup 84p a bottle or 2 for £1.80 is another one I noticed yesterday.

I'm sure they do it deliberately (it's too common to be accidental IMO) for one of their dubious "cheaper than" claims.

  dagbladet 19:11 03 Apr 2010

Oh grow up some of you. Food prices are creeping up and up. If you're canny/lucky, you'll find a box/bag/packet of something that though twice the size, is the same price or even cheaper, than a smaller version of the same. Occasionally mistakes happen, but only an idiot would think that supermarkets deliberately mis-price goods,

  Paddylad 19:44 03 Apr 2010

What about the store that was offering 'One for the price of two, and get second one free'. Should have seen the number of takers!!!!!

  Awshum 20:38 03 Apr 2010

"deliberately mis-price goods,"

It's not a mis-price if it's done deliberately...

these promos are set by dedicated people, they are either incompetent or doing it deliberately for some obscure reason. As I said it's all too frequent.

But to keep within PCA rules..... this is all my opinion and I can't prove any of it.

  Forum Editor 08:07 04 Apr 2010

and he tells me that many of their stores carry over 40,000 individual product lines. It's not difficult to understand that occasionally there will be pricing errors, and to suggest that there's a deliberate policy of mis-pricing "for some obscure reason" is just plain foolish.

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