Barclays New Card Reader

  rawprawn 19:47 12 Apr 2008

PinSentry, is it's name and I am sure it is very good for security. What I would like to know is how does it communicate with Barclays Online. You put in your connect card, and enter your PIN, it then produces a code number which you enter on line to log in. I am baffled by how it communicates that code number to the on line login page.
Can any "Techie" enlighten me.

PS. I think it is very good, and I am all for security which can stop much of the internet theft.

  MAT ALAN 20:35 12 Apr 2008

click here

click here

Bit of sideways technology methinks...

  rawprawn 08:40 13 Apr 2008

Good morning MAT ALAN, thank you for the links they make very interesting reading, and I can see that PinSentry can cause problems for some users. Fortunately I am retired, and in normal circumstances I do all my banking from home so it gives me no problems.

However I still don't understand how the card reader communicates the code number to the login web page.

  Forum Editor 08:54 13 Apr 2008

It looks at the information on your card's chip and generates a code based on that information. When you enter the code on the online banking page the site decodes the code, and knows that it's your card and your PIN which has been used.

The card reader itself has no information on it that's exclusive to you - you can use any Barclays PinSentry card reader to generate your code, as long as you insert your card and use the correct PIN.

It's like having an extra, unique, digital signature.

  rawprawn 09:12 13 Apr 2008

Good morning FE, thank you that is exactly what I wanted to know.

  spuds 12:35 13 Apr 2008

I thought Barclays had done away with this idea. Wasn't all customers promised one, and some never heard any more. Still using Barclays (additional) Password system for my dealings.

  rawprawn 12:54 13 Apr 2008

I only got one when I tried to enter a new payment to someone, and I also tried to change my password.I had to telephone a help number to get the card reader, but it came in 3 days.

  rawprawn 12:57 13 Apr 2008

Should have added that if you are only using your online account to check amounts, or pay people already listed you will hear nothing. It seems only to occur if you try to make fundamental changes. My wife still uses her account without one with no problem.

  spuds 13:14 13 Apr 2008

Thanks for the information, very interesting. I think that I will leave well alone and not contact them for the time being, and see if Barclays modify their ways, and insist that they have a good product, which every customer must use!.

  mikef. 21:00 13 Apr 2008

Nationwide are also about to send these out to all their on line customers

  Forum Member2 21:19 13 Apr 2008

read the website click here and look for the paypal dongle or football as they call it, I recon it is the same type of thing

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