Barclays Bank Vs The WhistleBlower

  royalflush 21:47 21 Mar 2007

Is anyone watching this about a couple of girls undercover working for Barclays....OMG
i cant belive all that is going on in there branches & there So called Call Centre's

its on BBC1 @ 2100hrs but its nearly finished & i just had to post this

  royalflush 22:03 21 Mar 2007

here's a link

click here

  Colin 22:08 21 Mar 2007

It didn't tell us anything we don't already know.

  royalflush 08:53 22 Mar 2007

"fourm member"

In this programme (Whenever it was filmed) there was bank staff offering for £500 "Upfront" if you give them a passport photo a they would obtain a false passport THEN they would open a account in whatever name you wanted the passport to be under & transfer money from honest peoples account's & in two days they transferd over £4000 into this dodgy account,the undercover film crew went the WHOLE HOG with it & they had a secret camera showing everything the bank staff then went to this womans account with her & withdrew the lot & the bank staff got another cut of it,this wasnt a "One Off" either...they didnt know the woman who approached them for the dodgy account
then there was Barclays sale's techniques psuhing people to have a higher class of bank account without the customer been informed & charging them monthly but due to the fact most of the people concerned had other bank accounts or large amounts of money in there accounts they didnt notice the money going out of there accounts,then there was the old man who had nothing to his name apart from a tiny amount of regular income who went into a branch (This was all filmed) & you saw the poorman who just wanted to borrow £500 to buy a new bed & some personal things for his flat,he was refused the money on whatever grounds but due to the branch staff so pushed to sell policies they pushed him & turned the full thing around forcing him to take out home insurance when he very clearly had nothing in his home....then there's the usual stuff charging customers £35 overdraft/direct debit ect when the bank made it quite clear on camera (Undercover) that the real cost to the bank was just a mere £2-2.50.....

  jack 09:32 22 Mar 2007

Because banks have become 'commercial' over the years
handling virtually all payments made to employees in all walks of life-instead o being a posh place where very few people had bank accounts- and the rest of us were paid in little buff packets each Thursday/Friday.
All sort of commercial activity is bound to happen.
The high charges to customers for breaking the rules - has I fear little to do with the true cost , and more to do with being a penalty.
I worked for a time for a car rental co.
The rules were the cars went out with a full tank and should come back in the same.
Many business users driving a car hired for them by their employer simply did not bother.
The Firm charge a punitive rate to refuel the car.
When you consider that the cars were high turnaround - in - Valet - out. Having to take a car to a filling station, fill before letting it out or delivering it to the vest user - is a time cost- plus the financial processing time/costs.
They charged something in the order of £1.20 a litre when fuel was in the 65/70p range
not only were they trying to recoup the cost - but making it clear that breaking the rules carries a penalty.

  royalflush 09:33 22 Mar 2007

fourm member the simple answer to that is "No" not at that time as it wasnt transfered over in large amounts only £200 give or take at a time from lots of differant accounts plus from the day it was transfered over they would take the money out of the account....

  spuds 11:31 22 Mar 2007

Reading in yesterdays media reports, they may well be large changes in store for Barclays and their customers. A possibly merger/take-over with a Dutch bank is in the offering, and it could well mean further job loses here in the UK. Talk of transferring headquarters, certain services and perhaps losing FSA status in favour of Dutch law, are but a few things in consideration.

Barclaycard (Barclays Group) have already started to move call centres overseas!.

I have been a Barclays bank and services customer for as many years as I can remember, but over the past 3/4 years with closures of local branch's and in particular the past 12/18 months, Barclays service and customer friendliness as deteriorated considerably in my own experiences.Regarding the BBC film yesterday evening, I had a similar experience as the couple had, regarding change of accounts without authorisation. Not a very nice experience, when you find this out, two months after the change as been made.

  sunny staines 15:25 22 Mar 2007

just glad i do not bank with barclays.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:14 22 Mar 2007

'just glad i do not bank with barclays'...I think you will find similar selling techniques and corrupt employees in all banks...and businesses.


  sunny staines 18:29 22 Mar 2007

just hoping my bank is not that slack.

  Confab 19:14 22 Mar 2007

This happens in lots of other organisations too. Just about every firm of accountants and solicitors that I have dealt with has their story of the dodgy member of staff who stole X amount. Some were opportunists; other planned their actions and defrauded their company over a long period of time, sometimes many years.

From my experience I have found that it doesn’t really matter how many checks and procedures an organisation puts in place because procedures are written on the basis that staff are honest. If someone wants to steal from their employer then they probably can with ease. The really difficult bit is never being found out!


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