Banks or the people that work for them really are

  jack 14:49 06 Feb 2008

The recent tirade against banks and their activities knows no end it seems.
To add to click here for example here is another.
My wife had a saving account with the Woolwich.
As most of us know The Woolwich was aguired by Barclays, and in recent time Barclays have been shedding the Woolwich brand an passing accounts into Barclays with new numbers /Cheque books etc.

To day in the post came an interest earned in the Saving account which has been credited to........
you've guessed it ---- The now defunct Woolwich account.

  lisa02 15:05 06 Feb 2008

Or their computers are?

  rezeeg 15:49 06 Feb 2008

lisa02 who programs the computers?

  jack 16:22 06 Feb 2008

Computers do what people tell 'em
Garbage in garbage out
or as in this case
Nothing in- even less out.

  Clapton is God 20:13 06 Feb 2008

What an asinine generalisation.

I worked for more than 25 years in the international division of one of the big banks in the City of London.

I'm not even remotely "dumb".

Or would you care to argue the point?

  jack 20:51 06 Feb 2008

As my father did my brother did and my self for a few years before I saw the light, and for what is is worth The Old Lady/Midland/Nat Pro
And I stand by what I wrote.
And generally I say generally- not always
The higher up the pole the more complacent and set in their ways- Hence the mayhem current at various institutions

  bluto1 21:34 06 Feb 2008

Absolutely right. They all rely on their G.O.G.O computers without proper monitoring.

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