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  BT 08:31 19 May 2014

A few months ago I had a letter from Barclays informing me that I had been 'Upgraded' to their Premier Banking service for Free. They were waiving the £10 monthly fee as I was a good customer. The only benefit I can find useful is the larger daily amount that I can withdraw from ATMs, all the other 'Benefits' don't really interest me.

Anyway on Friday afternoon the phone rang and it was my 'Personal' Premier Banking manager, just calling with a courtesy call. He wanted to know if I made use of any of the benefits - NO. Then he asked if I used online banking - YES, but surely he could have sussed this out for himself, I use it all the time. Then he asked if I used the Mobile Online banking - NO I don't use a Smartphone. Do you have a Tablet - YES but there's no App for it. What make of Tablet - Samsung. There's an App on Google Apps - NO there's not, only for foreign Barclays, there's no UK app. The only Tablet that Barclays support at the moment is the I-Pad. He was most insistent that the Android App for tablets had been introduced about 9 months ago, but I can't find it, and as far as the Barclays web site goes I've searched it minutely and can only find I-Pad tablet support.

I do wish that these people would make sure that they know what they are talking about before they call people.

  carver 08:46 19 May 2014

Look I may have the wrong app but doesn't this google app work with Samsung

  BT 08:55 19 May 2014


Thanks for looking but its only for Smartphones not Tablets. The clue is in the bit that says "and you have a UK-registered mobile number "

  BT 10:42 19 May 2014


"In fact the calls from the manager are irritating"

More than that, I have the box ticked on my profile for NO PHONE CALLS. I let him have his head this time but it won't happen again. I had problems with phone calls from people saying they wanted to 'Discuss my account' a couple of years ago, where in reality they were trying to sell various Insurance products and the like. It ended up with me getting a letter from their Customer Services director promising no more calls. Despite this they still occasionally kept coming and when I mentioned that my account had a marker on it the response was usually that they couldn't see the marker until I gave them permission to look at my account. Since the tick box has appeared on the web page the calls have stopped.

If you read the information on the Barclays site it doesn't actually say that the App is available for Android tablets only for iPad, but it isn't at all clear, but then you would expect a so-called Premier account manager to know this and not try to tell you differently.

  carver 10:50 19 May 2014

MechKB 2 "As soon as anyone had stated that they were my "'Personal' Premier Banking manager" I would have hung up."

Why would you do that, I have a personal banking manager with my Premier account and can phone him or any of his staff 24 hours a day.

Saturday I had problems using my card "wasn't reading chip" spoke to a member of his staff at 6pm and this morning got my new debit card, also I get numerous extras at no cost, best one being an extra 2 years warranty on any thing I buy with my credit card, free travel insurance, loads of stuff.

So I go to John Lewis buy a TV and get 7 years warranty, not bad.

So just tell me why you would hang up.

  carver 10:52 19 May 2014

BT sorry didn't really look at the site in detail as I had to go out at short notice so only just had a quick look.

  onthelimit1 11:51 19 May 2014

'she received substantial damages and compensation.'

Which all helps to put the cost of banking up for everyone.

  spuds 12:50 19 May 2014

I have been a 'client' of Barclays for over 60 years now (we always liked to think that it was our family bank!) , but in the past five or so years, I have had a number of unwanted problems with their 'improved' banking, both on-line and at branch level. In my view customer services have become a bit of a joke, even though the CEO of Barclays did promise 'better banking and customer relations' when he took over.

'Personal Premier Banking Manager' or 'Personal Business Account Manager' is in my view, nothing more than sales-persons trying to sell another of Barclays commodities, whether insurance or whatever. The last time I had a discussion with 'my' personal account manager, I was of the opinion he know far less than me, about my account and past history. Wasn't impressed at all, and perhaps more so, when I learnt that he was no longer available a few weeks after our discussions (perhaps he never met his targets?).

With on-line banking, I had a number problems over the past couple of years or so, and the results from those were rather alarming in the least. A number of those is that Barclays 'only' support Internet Explorer, plus if you use 'ibank', there was and no doubt might still be a redirection problem to a porn site, due to a small error in the url address. Gives very little confidence, when being told that they know about the problems "but have set no time scale for correction", when receiving a response.

As mentioned, the service in my opinion is getting bad instead of better, but one consolation for me personally, is that Barclays do eventually offer an apology and some form of monetary compensation, when I have persisted for more appropriate answers!.

  BT 13:38 19 May 2014

.. is that Barclays 'only' support Internet Explorer,

I use Google Chrome and have done for ages and never have any issues with it.

  spuds 14:09 19 May 2014

In fact at one stage Barclays hadn't kept up with IE and IE was difficult. Haven't had any problems at all with the ibank url.


As you state, Barclays hadn't kept up with IE, and this was probably the very same time I was asking Barclays what the problem was, and the direct response was that they "only supported IE". Things may have changed!.

With regards to the 'ibank' url. I found by error, that by putting a 'dot' in a certain spot within the url, there is/was a re-direction to a porn site. Barclays website security and customer services were most unhelpful when I pointed this out to them, as an urgency. In fact, I don't know how it stands nowadays, but try getting the direct contact details from customer services for their on-line website security department or a relevant department dealing with this type of issue. I found it was impossible, in fact I found their customer service telephone response most challenging. At least on that occasion, after complaining to an higher level, Barclays did compensate me with a £25.00 direct payment to my bank account, as a 'goodwill gesture'.

  spuds 14:43 19 May 2014


Perhaps I should have mentioned that Google Chrome, Firefox can be used on the Barclays website, but when I had problems trying to do print-outs, I found that Internet Explorer was the less problematic. That was when Barclays informed me that they "only supported IE" (possibly in preference to other browser's. I have used all three on the Barclays on-line service, in the past and now?.

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