Bank Holidays

  laurie53 08:45 25 May 2007

Is it just me or are there others of a certain age who find it difficult to keep track of all the bank holidays?

When I was younger (much!) it was Easter, Whitsun, August and Christmas (unless you were in Scotland where you got New Year instead of, not as well as, Christmas).

Now it seems that every other weekend we are getting Bank Holiday TV schedules, and the supermarkets are advising us that they are "open as usual", and suggesting we buy a turkey for the holiday weekend (and what's that all about?).

Now it appears another one is being suggested, "National Day" to celebrate Britishness. Presumably those who voted SNP or Plaid Cymru will have to work!

Time I was gone!


  Quickbeam 08:54 25 May 2007

The only change in the last 30+ years I can recall is the addition of the Mayday holiday in the mid 70's.
Jim Callaghan's work I think.

  anchor 09:43 25 May 2007

Quickbeam: Another change was for Whitsun Monday, the date of which changed from year to year, being 7 weeks after Easter.

This was fixed in 1967 as the last Monday in May, and called the late Spring Bank holiday. A change made by Harold Wilson.

May Day came in in 1978.

  Quickbeam 11:40 25 May 2007

Do you think today's teenagers will as aware, as our generation was in 30+ years time, as to these little observations of change?... I don't!

  laurie53 11:56 25 May 2007

I'm going back a bit further than 30 years, to before New Year's Day being a Bank Holiday, and when Christmas was just the two days.

If you had a really progressive employer you were allowed to leave work at 4.30 on Christmas Eve!

This was called the Good Old Days!


  Quickbeam 12:00 25 May 2007

Ahhhh, I misjudged your age, you sounded like someone in their mid 30's!

  hastelloy 15:49 25 May 2007

Isn't that the Good Old Daze?

  lisa02 16:20 25 May 2007

They can have as many Bank Holidays as they want... time and a half for us workers ;))

  Kate B 16:23 25 May 2007

*stamps feet* I've got a regular booking on Mondays and there's no extra dosh for working the bank holiday.

  Bingalau 16:53 25 May 2007

Kate B. I wouldn't worry too much, the weather forecast is pretty bleak. Just think you will not be stuck in a traffic jam in the pouring rain. Have next Monday off instead.

  Legolas 17:28 25 May 2007

what bank holiday I,m working.

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