Bank Holiday Fun

  interzone55 18:53 28 Aug 2011

I've just had one of the best Sunday afternoons in a long time.

Warton Stock Car Club holds a Caravan Banger event every August Bank Holiday weekend, I've not been before, but will definitely be going again.

A top quality family day out, with 19 races in the afternoon, including the afore mentioned caravan race, and (proper old) Mini racing, stock cars, banger races and a demolition derby to finish any of the bangers still running.

There was so much incredible devastation after the caravan race it took over an hour to clear the track.

Much better than the Belgian grand prix, which I'm watching on replay now, and all for £9.

There's loads of stock car clubs around the UK, if you like motor racing why don't you give them a try.

Here's about 90 seconds of today's racing...

  Brumas 19:03 28 Aug 2011

By Heck, it reminds me of the A1 on a scorching hot bank holiday weekend ;o}}

  Aitchbee 19:28 28 Aug 2011

alan14 - I will be doing other things more enjoyable..

  Aitchbee 19:31 28 Aug 2011

...having seen 6 serious traffic accidents in the last week.

  interzone55 19:39 28 Aug 2011


You don't even have a Bank Holiday to enjoy either :-(

  birdface 20:00 28 Aug 2011


No but he will next month when we don't have one.

  interzone55 20:05 28 Aug 2011


But the weather will be rubbish then (but then again it wasn't exactly cracking the flags today...)

  morddwyd 10:14 29 Aug 2011

It's not the being in Scotland, but the confusing way the bank holidays have been changed that get me.

Christmas and Easter seem to be the only two I remember from my youth.

Whit Monday and August Monday have disappeared, May Day, a celebration of political dogma, has appeared (yes, I know it's been celebrated for centuries but not as a bank holiday), as have the Spring Bank Holiday, the Late Spring Bank Holiday and so on.

Anyway, fm, I don't know why you are confused.

August Bank Holiday is the same as it has always been in Scotland, first Monday in August, and you've had it!

There was an item on the news yesterday commenting on today being the last Bank Holiday of 2011.

Funny, I was expecting some sort of shut down on Dec 25/26th!

  morddwyd 16:11 29 Aug 2011

Just for the benefit of the tourists!

  OTT_B 19:47 29 Aug 2011

I know why i'm post on this thread which I made yesterday, has apparently disappeared or not made it!

  Aitchbee 19:58 29 Aug 2011

Sometimes, when it's an English bank holiday, near the end of the month, my work's pension gets paid in a few days earlier.I just missed out on that occurrence this month. Never mind, wedesday is not too far away.

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