Bank details to recruitment agency?

  Mary_S 17:41 18 May 2010

Dear All,
I have a job interview next week and before I attend the interview the agency has asked me to register at their offices. However, as well as passport they are also asking me to bring in my bank details. The reason being if i do get the job then i get payed on a weekly basis from the agency payroll and not the company payroll as it is a temporary job.
Im not to keen on doing this, as on recruitment websites it usually warns against handing over bank details to an agency.
Does this seem legit to you guys??

  PalaeoBill 18:00 18 May 2010

This is normal practice now if you are registering for temporary work. If your only registering for perm work they will not need your bank details.
Employment law has changed so much over the years that it is near impossible for an agency to work as an 'agent' any more. In the old days you were not 'employed' by either the agent or the client and your rights were very restricted. Today you almost always become an employee of the recruitment agency, they pay you, acrue holiday pay for you, deal with sick pay etc. and then invoice the company that they send you to. Because your their employee they have to ensure you have the right to work in the UK, hence you need an EU passport or a foreign passport and papers that allow you to work here. They also need to check out your NI number and it is much easier for them to set you up on the payroll at the same time, hence needing your bank details. So that everything can be checked out.
You would be staggered how many temps give false names, think they can get paid in cash (or a cheque that can be cashed) or want you to pay their money into someone elses bank account "because they don't have one", etc.

  Mary_S 18:44 18 May 2010

hey guys,
the agency website is click here and I think be looking at their website you can understand why Im a bit doubtful. When you dial their landline number it doesnt ring and ive always been contacted from a mobile number.

  wiz-king 19:28 18 May 2010

That address has several companies registered but that is not unusual for that part of London. With the shortage of telephone lines in central London mobile use is common.
Mind you - the website is crap!

  Noldi 19:46 18 May 2010

"ive always been contacted from a mobile number".
Would you buy or sell a car to a person with only these contact details????.

Wiz-king is correct The webb site is crap and I would expect something more like here


  wiz-king 21:34 18 May 2010

As the agency staff are most probably working on commission it makes sense to use their own mobiles - no chance of another person nicking their commission.

  Mary_S 21:52 18 May 2010

thanks for posting the information but what can i deduct from that? Their registration address is different from office address, is that a cause of concern?

  pavvi 22:05 18 May 2010

Having a different address as a registered address is not unusual. As a self employed individual, I have a registered address that is not mine but is used for administrative purposes (it is London based, I live in South Wales). As Noldi said I would be unwilling to buy a product from a company that only have a mobile number (I was looking for an espresso machine online, and although one website was cheaper they only had a mobile number so I didn't buy from them, I bought face to face from a local supplier, and actually saved money).

I would be wary, personnally as it sounds like they aren't running from a physical office. Not necessarily anything sinister but I would be careful all the same

  Snec 22:24 18 May 2010

Personally I'd be a bit concerned with this outfit when under Current Vacancies, in the month of May, they advertise:

URGENT - Christmas Temps Required - City of London - Start ASAP

Hardly looks like they are on the ball.

  lotvic 22:26 18 May 2010

I looked at their website. There is no way that I would give them my main bank details. However, have you thought of opening a new bank a/c that you could use just for this type of thing?

  WhiteTruckMan 22:54 18 May 2010

From the above details I started with the website registrars adress. This took me to here

click here

where I found a company called orsett terrace limited in the same studio. I've not found out whatthey do for sure but I suspect some form of estate agency. They were incorporated late last year, but so far no documents have been filed about them. This lot took me about 2 minutes to find. I 'm curious to know what I might turn up if I looked hard, but not curious enough to actually make the effort as I'm way too tired and off to bed.


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