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  john bunyan 18:21 13 Nov 2015

I have banked with Nat West for 50 years. I do not particularly want to change. I have a couple of free, "normal" credit cards, which I use for internet purchases and pay them off in full, so pay no interest. I also have a "Gold Plus" card,(also paid in full automatically) for which I pay about £100 a year - the main purpose of which was to get "free" travel insurance, even, if declared, for some medical issues I have had (Melanoma,etc) and at my age (78) it seemed a bargain.

Nat West are withdrawing the Gold Plus card for all, along with its travel insurance. They are offering me a "black" "Reward Card" - a credit card for which you pay £85 a year, but you get 3% back on "Household direct debits" (Gas, water, electricity, Council Tax), which would more than fund the cost of the card (plus 1%, I think, on shopping like groceries etc)

They offer, separately, a "Black Account" - at £28 a month - £336 a year including the card - that would cover travel insurance. I travel abroad far less than I used to; in fact, these days, rarely. I will check the details to see if it covers my age and previous medical history.

Mu question is, do other oldies still get travel as part of their banking package, or does anyone recommend alternative travel insurance for oldies with medicl issues?

  john bunyan 18:32 13 Nov 2015


Thanks very much for the link - not a paper I read regularly either - there is hope for you!!

  spuds 18:36 13 Nov 2015

Not sure how my banks works these days, but most of the things you have mentioned, ceased many years ago.

I do have one particular credit card though, that returns one point for any £1.00 spend within the John Lewis group,or £2.00 spend elsewhere. Not a great offer, but it does bring in the vouchers every 4 months, to spend within the John Lewis group.

Travel insurance seems to be an item that is getting more difficult to obtain for us oldies, especially with pre-existing conditions. So if the bank still offers this, under UK and International cover, then it might still be worth holding onto.

  Forum Editor 19:21 13 Nov 2015

I have used these people for a long time. They are pretty good, and in all the years I have only ever had to make one claim, which was settled rapidly, and with a minimum of fuss.

  john bunyan 20:25 13 Nov 2015


Thanks; I will follow up your and spider9's links in the next few days.

  hssutton 20:58 13 Nov 2015

John for many years I've been with Natwest and have a Advantage gold account. Not sure off hand what this is costing me now, but we get travel insurance which at our age saves a small fortune plus they also include my 47 year old disabled daughter on the policy. Due to the age of my wife and I we now have to pay £50 per year for the insurance content. This I consider is money well spent. However like you I no longer travel abroad much these days.

  john bunyan 21:00 13 Nov 2015


Thanks again: I will, next week, do a comparison with black a/c at bank, vs the links you and FE have provided, using the same parameters for each with pre existing conditions for wife and self , with ages. It will be quite a task to ensure like for like comparisons. My travel is limited these days so will get a test quote for , say, a single ,one month, trip to Australia as in Europe the counties I would go to are covered, and I will also ask for a quote for the medical only cover from PPP.

  john bunyan 21:05 13 Nov 2015


I hope your Advantage Gold continues, but I suspect it will not. I had the Gold Plus years ago and was offered Advantage Gold (Gold Plus was pulled for new customers some tine ago). I stayed with the old version as the extras offered were few. Do let me know if your Advantage Gold gets stopped - the Gold Plus stops end March 2016.

  hssutton 19:48 16 Nov 2015

John. Today I received a letter from Natwest to inform me that there will be an increase of £1 month. I wasn't aware the name of the account had changes from Advantage Gold to a Select Platinum Account. However the benefits remain the same. Just doing a quick check online brings up travel insurance costs of approx £1000, so the saving with Platinum is quite substantial, but like you we are not planning on travel abroad in the future due to age and handling our disabled daughter. So I guess we will follow you and cancel the account.

  john bunyan 20:12 16 Nov 2015

I have done some homework today with Nat West. The Platinum account is £18 per month, basic cost. I would save more than that on domestic direct debits alone. For the travel part I would have for my wife and I we would pay £100 (2 lots of the over 70 premium. ) For medical cover, with our list of prior issues the total would be £268 including the £100. Total cost for the year : £216 plus £268 £484, but I would save that on the utility bill discount. May go for it - just checking that other health insurance I have is not available for foreign travel. Give it a while and I will come back to you, but the 3% on gas, council tax, electricity etc could well pay for it.

  hssutton 23:24 16 Nov 2015

John according to the letter I reveived today the monthly cost is increasing from £15 to £16 per month. Will upload a scan of the letter if you wish.

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