"Bank Charges" The story so far....

  last starfighter 22:01 16 Jul 2008

Well i was wondering whats the outcome of it all & here's some of it!!

click here

  jack 09:09 17 Jul 2008

And then used it to make money by leading it out.
Those that deposited it - had 'Free' service.
They did not of course get service free- the cost came out of the profit made on their deposit.

In the last 50 years or so the trend has been to move from cash to 'cashless'
Wages into bank and not in little brown packets.
The bank customers instead of being net depositors have in the main become net withrawers and with drawers have to pay for the privilege.
Especially those that withdraw without asking first.

  interzone55 09:49 17 Jul 2008

I get a couple of texts a month from my bank asking me to join their premier banking service "First Directory".

It has a few benefits, but not enough to warrant the £10 a month fee, or whatever they charge for it.

As it is I get free text messages on a Friday giving my balance, and another message telling me when I've been paid. I get a totally fee free £250 overdraft - no charges or interest. But then again, they don't pay interest on the account either. I'm happy though, because I'm safe in the knowledge that if I slip up a bit and go a few quid overdrawn I won't get charged more than I "borrowed".

  spuds 13:19 17 Jul 2008

Remember the days when Barclaycard started to charge a yearly fee to some of their customers,for having an account that wasn't being profitable. I think that idea lasted for a couple of years.I wonder why!.

Banks are a commercial business, but there is a vast difference from being viable, to one of making massive profits with big bonuses for some employees who run these institutions. The prospect doesn't look to good either, when poor judgements require public funding.

The other day, I deposited a number of £20 notes in a local branch of my normal bank. As you may be aware, there are a large amount of forged £20 notes about. At one point of the transaction, I was beginning to wonder if banks accepted coins and paper of the realm, or whether it was all a cashless society, and paper money was contagious, or an inconvenience.

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