Ban This Video Game.(yet again)

  gengiscant 10:51 23 Aug 2010

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Have politicians so little to worry about that we have yet another one,Liam Fox, bleating about banning a video game.
Did he not play cowboys and indians or cops and robbers,when he was a child. Hey Liam, we have been playing games where one is the goody and the other is the baddie for absolutly ages.

You should know all about being a baddie,your a politician.

  Woolwell 11:29 23 Aug 2010

Sorry but I think Dr Fox has a point. How would you feel if you had a relative or knew someone who had been killed by the Taliban?

  Covergirl 12:07 23 Aug 2010

. . . just a natural progression of scenarios.

Have any other nationalities previously featured complained ?

  Uboat 12:11 23 Aug 2010

I think the REAL issue here is that the game is so close to the truth! Most games are a distance from real life but this is more based about what is/has happening in the world today, I dont have a issue with it but i can see why its created a fuss...

  Uboat 12:11 23 Aug 2010

Excuse my grammer above post..doh i didnt check it before posting it! Doh

  wee eddie 16:26 23 Aug 2010

but I cannot see what the problem is.

After all, if what one hears is correct, the American Army uses something very similar, to this, during it's Operation Simulation Tests, or should that read Stimulation.

It may be regarded as being in bad taste, but that is a different scenario altogether.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:10 23 Aug 2010

'How would you feel if you had a relative or knew someone who had been killed by the Taliban?'......

I had relatives killed by the Germans yet I am not calling for WWII games to be banned. Fox is a moron.


  Woolwell 18:57 23 Aug 2010

But there were not WWII games during WWII.

  egapup 19:15 23 Aug 2010

His "bleating" has made sure it will be a best seller.

"But there were not WWII games during WWII." yes there were, they were played by kids in playgrounds.

  wee eddie 20:03 23 Aug 2010

Maybe the method has changed, but they were frequently using up to the moment technology, wooden Rifles and vocal Sound Effects, that kind of thing.

The Girls played Nurses with bandages and many of us boys were their Patients, with amputated limbs and crutches simulated as best we could.

I do not remember my Father making any sort of complaint. He lost his leg when the Bridge of his Destroyer was hit by a shell from an E-Boat and his best friend (his No.1)lost both hands and a leg, as far as I know they were the only survivors of those on the Bridge.

I can imagine many young Soldiers playing this game with glee.

I feel that this is another example of The Bleeding Heart Tendency that feels that it can imagine the feelings of others.

A prime example of the BHT is the perceived reaction of the UK's Muslim and Sikh Population to Christmas. Those that I know, could not care a fig and embrace the Holiday with pleasure, while keeping their own Religious Observances at the correct time. Our Jewish brethren have been living with it for 2000 years and I know that several families gave their young kids 'token' presents so that they did not feel left out at school.

  morddwyd 20:12 23 Aug 2010

"But there were not WWII games during WWII."

Of course there were.

Being the smallest I was nearly always a German!

Left me really traumatised it did, and my mate Lloydy, whose Dad was a PoW at the time!

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