Ban misleading broadband speed ads!

  Uboat 07:57 02 Mar 2011

Good morning everyone!

This is intresting, when i lived in Hull the only ISP we could use is Karoo, they advertise by using this "Up to" speed slogan, i was within a hundred meters of the "Exchange" with beasty of a pc & yet although paying their highest package we couldnt get anywhere near the advertised speeds..

In fact i created a face book group & i had a Tsunami of people who joined the group that couldnt...

Since moving out of Hull we get a very healthy 49 meg almost all the time here in Lincolnshire with Virgin...on a 50 meg what was wrong with Karoo...

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  morddwyd 08:06 02 Mar 2011

"I'm from Missouri"!

I'll believe it when I see it.

  Chegs ®™ 08:55 02 Mar 2011

Enforcing typical speed ranges is also dangerous as it could encourage more ISPs to cherry pick customers who will increase their average, leaving customers in rural and suburban areas under-served," he said.

I had already decided that ISP's cherry-picked their customer base as Virgin has no provision to provide me with a fibre-optic cable in this area & has no plans to introduce one as though it isn't a small town,the geography creates insufficient return for their investment(lots of "villages" create one town across a large area)I have also presently got an "upto 8Mbs" connection that spends most of its time running at the same 2Mbs I used to get on a fixed 2Mbs line,with occasional peaks at 4.5Mbs.I only use my connection for amusement and all I really require speedwise is to be connected,but a business user paying for a high-speed connection should get the bandwidth they pay for.

  interzone55 09:52 02 Mar 2011

Karoo suffered from the same problem as BT before privatisation, where's there's no competition there's absolutely no incentive to offer better services.

The problem with ADSL speeds is physics, namely attenuation, the longer the wire, the lower the voltage at the end, this in turn affects the effective bandwidth that the line can carry.

I currently live 1 mile from the local BT exchange and am unable to get the full O2 "up to" 20mbit/s package, so am on the ADSL Max "up to" 8mbit/s package and get a fairly relaible 7.5mbit/s connection.

Virgin have the advantage of a fibre network, and fibre is not subject to attenuation in the same way, so a 20 mile run of fibre is just as effective as a 100m run.

I think this will become less of an issue soon, as BT are rolling out the 21CN (21st Century Network) and this involves running fibre to the street cabinets, rather than the current lowly Cat3 cable.

You'll notice these new cabinets cropping up around the place, big green things around the size of a fridge freezer with a Siemens logo...

  SparkyJack 10:04 02 Mar 2011

Still leaves the average user in the 'Dark'
No mention of the vagaries of Local Unbundled Loop equipment and contention ratios[ The number of users per equipment-] understanding this would make it obvious the more popular ISP have more crowded LUL's therefore slower response times.

  jakimo 11:23 02 Mar 2011

Virgin claim that their download speed test is more accurate than the others,as they allow for all the variables!!!
Except for 2Mb,fourm member is probably right in saying most would not notice the difference between 8Mb and 20Mb download speeds anyway,

  PaulsonW 13:46 02 Mar 2011

What do the ISPs gain by not providing the higher speeds? Do they save on electricity or is it that they don't have enough servers and the contention rate is therefore higher? Or is it more complicated than that? I realise the distance from the exchange has a bearing but surely they can provide higher speeds.

  SparkyJack 13:48 02 Mar 2011

As they are a dedicated fibre cable network and do not have to fight it out through the BT circuits.
The same is true of course with BT Infinity Fibre net work= straight to the servers no complex switching of data packets through LUL equipment.

  interzone55 14:05 02 Mar 2011

Read my post from 09:52 and you'll get your answer.

Unless you live in the exchange you will never get the advertised speed...

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